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Jaj $ 4_40E�1 <br />Commissioner Helseth introduced the following Resolution and moved its addption to - <br />BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF COURTY COMMISSIONSW OF TBZ COMITY OF PIAN RIVZRO <br />That the budget of this Board adoptedon the 8th day of August, A. D. 19399 be, and <br />the same is hereby, modified to strike therefrom all items referring to appropriations for ou <br />standing bonds of Special Road and Bridge District No. 4. <br />That, pursuant to peremptory writ of -mandamus -in the case of State, ez re. Merldith, <br />at al., vs. Indian River County, at al,. being.Case No., 2048 in the Circuit Court of Indian <br />River Comity, Florida, a tax of 15 mills upon the entire valuation of property within said <br />Special Road and Bridge District No. 4 is hereby levied for the purposes specified in said <br />peremptory writ of mandamus, namely for the purpose of meeting the interest and sinking fund <br />requirements of Indian River.County.Spadial Road -and Bridge District No, 4 Roat.and Bridge <br />Refunding Bonds dated January 1, 19370 and the 15 mill tax -levy made for said Special Road and <br />Bridge District Now 4, be,.and the -same is hereby, revoked. <br />That the Clerk of this Board furnish this information, by certified copy of this <br />resolution, to such person, or persons, as may be necessary to give full .effect to the terms <br />hereof. <br />The Resolution was duly seconded by'Viokers_.and,upon put to a vote the same was <br />unanimously adopted. <br />The several bills and accounts against the CouAty, having been audited were exaAlned�,. <br />and found correct, were approved and warrants ordered issued in the settlement of same. Such <br />bills and aoeoUnts being on file in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court. The warrants <br />so issued from the respective funds being listed in the,supplemental minute book as provided <br />by the rules of the State Auditor, reference to such record and.the list so recorded being mad <br />a part of these minutes. <br />The County Depository filed its -monthly statement, showing receipts and die <br />of the various funds which having been audited were found to be correct. <br />There being no further business on motion madq, seconded and carried the Board then <br />adjourned until Tuesday, 10:00 A. M. October 17, 1939. <br />• <br />C_�_ Z4 I / 11 P �21 0 z <br />—�� --------------------------ten------ ---a----------o---------a <br />TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1939. <br />The Board of Cohnty Commissioners of Indian River County met at the Court house its <br />Vero Beach at 10:00.0 clock B. M. Tuesday, October 17, 1939 in regular adjourned meeting with <br />the following mempdrs of the Board present; C. S. Michael, -Chairman; W..C. Graves, Zr., Albert <br />0. Helseth and Frank c. Vickers. -Absent: S. E..Glover. Also present were Nm. M. Frick, Sheriff, <br />and Attorneys 'for . the..Board, Mitchell, Smith & Mitchell, . and Douglas Baker, Clerk., <br />Messrs. E. G. Thatcher, Mayor W..F..Cox, Ralph.Sedgwick,-W. P. Bailey, M. T. Baird , <br />and R. X. Young appeared before the Board and submitted a new proposed route for east end of <br />State Road #30 and stated they thought it would be possible to obtain the right-of-way or suf- <br />ficient right-of-way as required by.the State 'Road.Department in order that this portion of <br />Road 30 might be completed at the earliest possible date. After considerable discussion it was. <br />moved by A. -O. Helseth, seconded by Frank C. Vickers and unanimously carried that Attorney <br />Mitchell and Clerk Baker immediately conteat".Mr. DeGarmo of the State Engineering Department <br />and arrange for a meeting with representatives_of the.Drainage District, County Commissioners, <br />1 <br />1`1 <br />