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The several bills against the County were examined, and audited were found cor- <br />rect and warrants issued in settlement of name. The amount so drawn from the respec- <br />tive funds is as follows: <br />GENERAL REV= FUND ......0 <br />FINE & FORFEITURE FUND. <br />ROAD & BRIDGE FUND <br />MOTHER'S PENSION FUND <br />PUBLICITY FUND <br />SPEC R & B DIST #4 (Bond. Fund) .. <br />The several Depositories of the County filed their monthly statements of the <br />various funds of the County. The balance on hand in the said funds is as follows: <br />GENERAL REVENUE FUND $ <br />FINE & FORFEITURE FUND <br />ROAD & BRIDGE FUND <br />MOTHER'S PENSION FUND$ <br />PUBLICITY FUND <br />TIME WARRANT FUND 1925 issue° 6 <br />Spec R&A3 Dist No.1 (Int & Sink <br />Spec R & B Dist #4 (Int & <br />Spec R&B Dist #4 (Bond fund) <br />INTEREST & SINKING FUND <br />AGRICULTURAL FUND <br />There being no further business, on motion made, seconded and carried, the Board <br />adjourned until Saturday, February 13th 1926 at 2 o'clock P.M. <br />ATTEST: <br />C 1 e•r k. <br />SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 13th 1926. <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, Florida, met at the <br />Court House on Saturday February 13th, 1926 at 2 o'clock P.M. The following members of <br />the Board were present: John H Atkin, Chairman; J..W.LaBruce; G.A.Braddock, Donald <br />Forbes and 0.0.Helseth. Also present was Miles Warren, Clerk, by Deputy, <br />The Notary Public Bond of P. Z. Gallagher in the of $500.00„ with American <br />Surety Company of New York, as surety, vais fitfaiimadvec4 <br />The Notary Public Bond. of G. H. Braddock, in the sum of $500,00, with American <br />Surety Company of New York as surety, was approved. <br />A committee from the Vero Beach Realty Board, composed of Mr. W. E. Sexton, Mr. <br />C. E. Cobb and Mr. C. E. Vinnedge, appeared before the Board, with request that -the <br />Board of2,:County Commissioners employ a County Pam Demonstration agent for this County. <br />After discussion of the matter, this Committee was invited to report and bepresent at <br />the next regular meeting of this Board. <br />Judge M. M. Miller and A. G. Roberts, appeared before the Board and filed petition <br />for road as follows: <br />Commencing at a point where the Old Dixie Highway South of G. L. Braddock'ss farm <br />approaches the Florida East Coast Railroad. Thence Westerly across the Railt; Thence <br />Southeasterly along and parallel to the Railway* right-of-way to the North line of Sect- <br />ion 20, Tp. 31 S. R. 39 E. to a road already declared. <br />The Cammmittee appointed. to -mark out and view this Road sire as, follows: Judge M.M. <br />Millers A. G. Roberts and D. L. Leisher. <br />The following Road Committee Report was received and filed.. <br />ROAD CO. TEE REPORT. <br />Vie, the undersigned Committee appointed by Honorable Body on the 13th. cigar of Feb- <br />