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rasa, 1926, with instructions to view and mark out the best route for a public . road, des <br />-eribed in the petitions beg leave to report to your honors as follows: That we, after <br />first having subscribed to the oath required by law before entering on our duties make <br />this our general report: That we proceeded to the said proposed location of the said <br />public road upon the 13th day of February= 1926, and viewed and marred out the following <br />as the best route for said proposed road. (Said. road is to be fifty (50) feet wide) - <br />Beginning at a point in the 034 Dixie Highway, and on the South line of GJ .Braddock <br />farm in Sec. 17; Twp. 31 S; R. 39 E., and. on the East Right of Vey Line of the Florida <br />Last Coast Railway; Thence West across the Railway to a point 25 ft. westerly from the- <br />West Right of Way Line of the Florida East Coast Railway; Vence South -Easterly along <br />and parallel to the Florida East Coast Railway to the North line of Sec. 20, Twp. 31 S; <br />R. 39 E., to the road already declared; the above described line being the center line <br />of the road. <br />Therefore, having performed the duties required by law under the appointment of <br />your honors, we prayto be discharged.. <br />A. G. Roberts <br />1!L. }E. 1'111 Ter <br />B. L. Leisher <br />Road Committee. <br />The above report is hereby accepted and approved.. Done in open session at the Court <br />House in Vero Beach, Florida, this 13th. day of February, 1926. <br />John H. Atkin <br />Attest: Chairman Board. of County Commissioners. <br />Miles Warren <br />Clerk. <br />it was ordered that sage be declared a public County Road after giving thirty (30) <br />days Notice as provided by law if no protest is filed. <br />Moved, seconded and catried that the bid of J. H. Baker for the construction of <br />garage be acsepte4. <br />The Bow of County Commissioners proceeded to publicly canvass the returns of the <br />election held in Indian River County=Florida, on February 9th, 1926,ori the queation of <br />the changing of the County Site of said County and to declare the Iseult of said elett- <br />A <br />ion as shown by such returns, and thereupon Commissioner J. W. LaB.r°tace, introduced the <br />following resolution: <br />=MO, it -pears from the returns of the election, held February 9th, 1926, in <br />Indian River County, Florida, for a change of the County Site of said County, duly'certi <br />-fled by the Clerks and a majority of the Inspectors of said election, and delivered by <br />such Clerks and Inspectors to the Board of County Commissioners, that the votes cast <br />at said election in the various precincts in said County were as follows, to -vita <br />Precinct No. 1 - Roseland - <br />Vero Beach 7 Winter Beach 25 <br />Precinct No. 2 - Sebastian - <br />Vero Beach 6 Winter Beach 98 <br />Precinct No. 3 - Wabasso- <br />• Vero Beach 15 Winter Beach 62 <br />Precinct No. 4 - Qty - <br />Vero Beach 4 Winter Beach`63 <br />Precinct 8'o. 5 - North Vero Beach - <br />Vero Beach 188: Winter Beach 6 <br />