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416 <br />FAIC070mmission- After 6onsiderable discussion it was decided to hold a meeting Monday night, August <br />129 1940, at 8:00 o•clock P. M. for the purpose of further consideration and discussion and <br />that all interested parties by advised in order that they might be present and express their <br />opinion are feelings in the matter. <br />On motion made by Commissioner Graves, seconded by Commissioner Glover and carried <br />Judge Otis M. 0obb was authorized to purchase a typewriter for the County Judge°s office. <br />Bliss Leila M. Bunkley, County Nurse appeared before the Board and made a report of <br />her activites for the month of July as follows, to -wit: <br />COUNTY NURSES MONTHLY REPORT <br />July, 1940. <br />Total number of.cases for the Month 92 <br />Number of Visits to cases 100 <br />Number of visits in behalf of cases 20 <br />Number of office interviews 52 <br />For chest Xray West Palm Beach 1 <br />Number of oases oared for in hospital 4 <br />Laboratory Specimens submitted <br />Hookworm 7 <br />Blood tests 13 <br />Number of treatments for Hookworm 11 <br />Number of treatments to V. D. Cases 56 <br />Attendance at the F.C.C.C. 39 <br />To F.C.C.C. ward J. M. Hospital, Miami 1 <br />Severely burned colored girl <br />Ron. George T. Tippin appeared before the Board stating a different and better pro- <br />posal had been submitted by the Tampa -Fair Association with regard to exhibit from Indian <br />River County and requested the Board's endorsement. It was moved by Commissioner Graves, <br />seconded by Commissioner Glover and carried that the endorsement ba granted wlth�no expense <br />to the County. <br />adoption: <br />RESOLUTION-"KaM ACT" PITRCBASE <br />Commissioner -d. C. Graves, Jr. introduced the following resolution and moved its <br />WHEREAS, The State Board of Administration has submitted certain proposals of indi- <br />viduals, firms and corporations offering to sell to said Board of Administration certain bonds <br />of Indian River County, and obligations assumed by said County, under the provisions of House <br />Bill No. 30, acts of the 1933 Legislature; and <br />WHEREAS, after carefully considering all of such proposals and taking into consider- <br />ation the amount of funds available for that purpose, and the approximate value of said bonds <br />and obligations, it is deemed advisable and expedient to purchase and cancel certain of said <br />bonds and obligations to -**it: <br />St. Lucie County quay Bridge District Bond #24, dated December.l, 1922, due December <br />1, 19409 at a price of $980.00 net, with Deoember.!-1, 1940 coupons attached as designated offs <br />Ing "A". <br />THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Board of County Commissioners that the State Board <br />of Administration be requested to pruchase and cancel the securities listed above at the price <br />quoted. <br />The resolutionwasduly seconded Py Commissioner Glover and upon being put to a vote <br />the same was unanimously adopted. <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />