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GENERAL RE'V NUE FUND......... <br />FIS & FORFEITS PUB <br />ROAD & BRIDGE FUiW <br />MOTHER'S PENSION FUND .. <br />PUBLICITY MID.... <br />TIME WARRANT FORD 1925 issue <br />Spec. R & B Diat.No.1 (Int & einki.papoose <br />Spec. R & B Dist. #4 Int & Sink ..•.... <br />Sppo. R & B Dist.it4 (Bond Fund).. <br />33TEREST & 0/NICING FUND <br />AQRZ0ITURAL <br />There being no further business, on motion made, seconded and carried, the <br />Board adjourned uat it Thursday, Zarch 18th, 1926, at 10:00 o'clock A. M. <br />TIMRSDAY, MARCH 18th, 1926. <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, Florida* met at the <br />Court House on Thursday, Marsh 18th. 1926 at 10:00 o'clock A. B. The following members <br />of the Board were present: Jahn H. Atkin, Cham; 3» W. heaBruce, G. A. Braddock, <br />Donald. Forbes and 0. 0. Helseth. Also present was Miles Warren, Clerk. <br />The Cham and Clerk reported they had effected ab settlement with 8t. Lucie <br />County on Funds arising from Tax Redemptions prior to the creation of Indian River Count <br />with the following satount.collected: <br />Road & Bridge $ 8539.78 <br />Interest & Sink 432.34 <br />General • 2584.17 <br />Fine & Forfeiture »... 1033.67 <br />Public Highway Bond. ' * 6718.84 <br />Mothers Pension 252.11 <br />Agricultural 252.11 <br />Publicity. 252.11 <br />20,065. 13 <br />The following amounts for Prive Work on road has been received, as follows: <br />Pellsaere Estates Corporation..... $ 1901.20 <br />C. R. Arnold 125.00 <br />Graves Bros.. •.•. 52.80 <br />T. F. Tttera 10.00 <br />T. R. Cadenhead 10.00 <br />C. H. Owns Co.. • Co....'........ 65.00 <br />A. 0. Greynolds 35.00 <br />2199.00 <br />It was ordered that this amount be placed to, they cr4djt of the Roand & Bridge <br />Fund of the County. <br />I. S. Coleman and C. L. Beugnot came before Board and stated land owners would <br />give additional easement over road already established known as continuation of lateral <br />"A!" road, Indian River Farms Drainage District, that is now 30 feet wide and established <br />The Mai :<<: appointed y. W. ZaBruceri 0. L. Beugnot and D. L. Leisher to go <br />over this and secure necessary easement for the additional right-of-way* <br />Fames F. Morrison appeared before the: Board and protested Florida East Coast <br />Railway Company ditching so near asphalt road at Roseland. It was ordered that County <br />Engineer look into this .and protect County road. <br />It was ordered that County Engineei work out 'best plan, put man on road from <br />Winter Beach to quay Bridge and road on Peninsular North and have him patrol the roacd. <br />L. <br />• <br />and keep it is good condition. <br />The following mad petition was received, read and filed, to -wit: <br />B <br />ROAD 1TITI0N» <br />STATE OP PLORTM <br />COUNTY QP INDIAN RIVER. <br />