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1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />457 <br />CERTIFICATE OF DECLARATION OF RESULT OF ELECTION HELD IN INDIAN <br />RIVER MOSQUITO CONTROL DISTRICT IN INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA. <br />WHEREAS, pursuant to a resolution duly adopted by the Board of County Commissioners <br />of Indian River County, Florida and proceedings duly taken, an election was held in Indian <br />River Mosquito Control District in Indian River County, Florida on November 5, 1940 on the <br />question of approving or disapproving Chapter 20114 of the Laws of Florida as adopted by the <br />Legislature of the State of Florida in the session of said Legislature held in the year 1939; <br />and <br />WHEREAS, the inspectors and clerk of said election have made returns thereof to this <br />Board as provided by law, and this Board has canvassed said returns at this meeting held for <br />that purpose, <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY COM14ISSIONERS OF THF COUNTY OF <br />INDIAN RIVER, FLORIDA: <br />1. That the Board of County Commissioners has determined and hereby finds and certi- <br />fies that the total number of qualified electors residing in said Indian River Mosquito Control <br />District in Indian River County, Florida, who were freeholders and legally qualified to parti- <br />cipate in said election, was 1437 as shown by a list of all qualified electors who were free- <br />holders residing in said District prepared and certified by the Supervisor of Registration of <br />Indian River County, Florida, having charge of the registration books for said election. <br />2. That from said canvass of the election teturns duly made by the inspectors and <br />clerk of said election held on November 5, 1940, in Indian River Mosquito Control District in <br />Indian River County, Florida on the question of approving or disapproving Chapter 20114 of <br />the laws of Florida as the Legislature of the State of Florida in the session of <br />said Legislature held in the year 1939, there were cast by the duly qualified electors of said <br />Indian River -Mosquito Control_,Distrisst, in.. Indian River County, Florida -who were freeholders, <br />the total number of 1103 votes, of which number 797 votes were cast for approval of said <br />Chapter 20114, Acts of 1939, State of Florida, and 306 votes were cast against approval of said <br />Chapter 20114, Acts of 1930, State of Florida, and that�the majority of said votes cast at <br />said election for approval of said Chapter 20114,_Acts of 1939, State of Florida, was 497 votes <br />and that the result of said election was for the approval of said Chapter 20114, Acts of 1939, <br />State of Florida. <br />C. S. Michael <br />a iman <br />Dougaas Baker <br />Clark <br />There being no further business on motion made seconded and carri6d the Board then <br />adjourned. <br />ATT . <br />S. <br />- -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - �� - -- - -- - -- -�. -- -- - - - -� - - - - - r - r - - - - - - - - <br />TUESDAY, DECEMBER 3RD..'1940.— <br />The Board of County Commissioners in and for Indian River County, Florida, met'at the <br />Court House in Vero Beach, at 10:00 o'clock A. M. Tuesday, December 3rd., 1940, in Regular <br />meeting with the following members of the Board present: C. S. Michael, Chairman, S. 8, Glover, <br />W. C. Graves, dr. Albert 0. Helseth, and Frank C. Vickers. Also present were Wm. W. Frick, <br />Sheriff, Chas. A. Mitchell, Attorney for the Board and Douglas Baker, Clerk. <br />The minutes of November 5th., and 8th., were read and approved. <br />It was ordered that the official bonds of the following designated officers be set <br />for the term beginning January 7th., 1941, to -wit: <br />