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514 <br />P4 A description of the original Securities surrendered for which the above Refunding <br />Bond was exchanged is set forth in copy of Certificate of Exchange issued by... the First Natia <br />Bank -of -Chicago, under date of May 299 1941, copy of which is attached hereto. The original <br />bond described in said certificate is in my office duly cancelled. <br />WITMS my hand and the seal of my office this 21st day_of - dune, A. D. 1941. <br />(Board Seal) <br />Dxlea Baker, <br />The several bills and accounts. against the County, having been audited were examined <br />and found correct, were approved and warrants ordered issued in settlement of same. Such bills <br />and accounts being on.file in the:offioe of the Clerk Circuit Court. The warrants so issued <br />from the respective=funds being listed in the Supplemental minute book as provided -by the rules <br />of the State Auditor, reference to such record and the list so recorded being made a part of <br />these 'minutes. <br />The County Depository filed its monthly statement, showing reaetpts and disbur <br />of the various funds which having been audit6d was found to be correct. <br />There being no further business, on motion made, seconded and carried the Board then <br />adjourned until the regular meeting to be held in duly, which will be the first Monday in July <br />as provided by Law.ft <br />. <br />CWHWAN <br />A <br />Monday July 7th, 1941. <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County met in the Office of the <br />Clerk of the Circuit=Court at Vero Beach, in the County of Indian River, on this the 7th day <br />of duly, 1941, and the following County Commissioners were present; C. S. Michael, Chairman; <br />S. E. Glover, Albert 0. Helseth, d. C. Graves, Tr;, and Frank C. Vickers. Also present were <br />Wm. W. Frick, Sheriff, Charles A. Mitchell, Attorney to the Board and Douklaus Baker, Clerk. <br />-Affidavit of Publication✓'��----T— <br />COUNTY OF INDIAN RIVER <br />STATE OF FLORIDA <br />Personally before me, the undersigned, an officer <br />authorized under the laws of said State to administer <br />oaths, came J. J. Schumann, business manager of the <br />Vero Beach Press -Journal, a newspaper published in Vero <br />Beach, Indian River County, Florida, who, being first <br />duly sworn, says that the Vero Beach Press -Journal is a <br />newspaper which has been continuously published at least <br />once a week, and which has been entered as second class <br />mail matter, in Vero Beach, Indian River County, Flori- <br />da, for a period of more than one year next preceding the <br />first insertion of this publication; that the advertisement <br />a copy of which is hereto attached, was published in the <br />Vero Beach Press -Journal <br />for............. consecutive weeks, as follows, <br />to=wit: <br />......................... <br />......................I <br />Business Manager. <br />Sworn to and subscribed before me, this....:. <br />day of..!r............. <br />�.. <br />y <br />/ .... ...... <br />Clerk Circuit Court; <br />Indian River County, Florida <br />NOTICE <br />NOTICE IS ftR1sY GIVEN, that the <br />County Assessor of Taxes of Indian <br />River County, Florida; will meet with'. <br />the Board of County Commissioners of <br />Indian River County, Floridaat the <br />Clerk's ,office in the Office of the Clerk <br />of the Circuit Court of Indian Riverl <br />County, Florida, in the Indian River <br />County G'ourt Douse- at Vero Beach, <br />Flotida, at the hour of 10:00 o'clock! <br />A. M. Monday, July 7, 1941, bel" the <br />drat Monday in said month, for the pur- <br />i Hose of hearing complaints and receiving <br />`testimony as to they value of any property, <br />real or perspnal, as fixed by the said <br />County Assessor of Taxes, and for the! <br />purpose of perfecting, reviewing and �, <br />equalizing the assessment as fixed by <br />the said County Assessor of Taxes, oni <br />the Tax Assessment Roll of Indian River <br />(County for the year 1941 and as appears, <br />by said tax assessment roll to be sub-; <br />mitted to said. Board of County- Com -i <br />missioners on said hour and day. <br />Witness my hand as Clerk and the <br />Beal of said Board at 'Vero Beach, Flor-1 <br />ida, this 3rd day of June, 1941. <br />1 DOUGLAS BAKER, <br />Clerk of the Circuit Court; <br />and ex -officio Clerk Board] <br />County >Commissioners, In - <br />than River County, Florida.) <br />June 20, 27, July 4, 1941 <br />i <br />1 <br />