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I 30 <br />Charles A. Kitchell, Attorney, called the meeting to order and on motion made by <br />a' <br />S. B. Glover, seconded by Frank C. Vickers and unanimously carried, W. C. Graves, Jr., was • <br />selected to serve as chairman, until the further orders ofthe Board. <br />An motion made by W. C. Graves, Jr., seconded by Drank C. Vickers and unanimously <br />carried, S. E. Glover was selected to serve as chairman pro tem, until the further orders of <br />the Board. <br />It was moved by Frank C. Vickers, seconded by A3lb.ert'O..Helseth, and unanimously <br />carried that all County officers and employees be retained for the year 1943• Salaries as <br />follows, to -wit: <br />Salary per month <br />Mitchell, Smith and Mitchell, Attorneys ; 75.00 <br />L. E. Carter, Road Superintendent and County Engineer 175.00 <br />Douglas Baker, ex Officio -Clerk to Board 125.40 <br />C. E. Strait, Custodian 80.00 <br />Leila M. Bunkley, County Nurse 133.00 <br />(Salary EJB OQ,Auto �+aaintenance $33-00) <br />Geo. T. Tippin, Supervisor of Registration 52.00 <br />o Otis M. Cobb, Judge Juvenile Court 50.00 <br />W. E. Walker, tinter Beach Bridge Tender 60.00 <br />It was ordered the Standard 011 Company receive the County gas and oil business <br />for the first six (6) months of thio year, ending June 30, 1943• <br />The following letter was received from Ron. C. S. Michael, retiring Chairman and <br />ordered made a part of these minutes. <br />January 4. 1943 <br />Aon. Douglas Baker, Clerk <br />Board of County Commissioners of <br />Indian River County <br />Vero Beach, Florida. <br />Dear "Doug": <br />In one sense I am very happy to be relieved of the responsibility of membership of <br />" the Board of County Commissioners, yet this feeling of relief is tinged with a very deep and <br />sincere regret because it means'the termination of a greatly prized association with the mmem- <br />ber6 of the Board and the Various officials connected with the work of the Board. <br />I am not the type of individual who holds the illusion that he cannot be replaced <br />and in fact I am confident that my successor will be of more value to the Board than I would <br />be if I continued to serve. I have been very closely connected with my successor, Mr. Barkos- <br />kie for many years and I can well say that I know of no more sincere and able -man in the <br />County for the position of County Commissioner*` I feel sure that my opinion of Mr. Barkoskie 't= <br />is also the opinion of the members of the Board and the citizens of the County generally. <br />In the approximate period of five years which I have served on the Board, I have <br />come to have a very high regard and in fact a feeling of personal affection for all members <br />of the Board whom I have served with during this time and the officials and appointees of the <br />Board with whom I have worked. I have greatly appreciated the cooperation all of you have <br />j given me in the performance of my own official duties and it has°been a pleasure to work with <br />men who have so unsparingly given of their time and their best efforts for the interest of <br />the County. <br />In nest referring to the work of this Board during the past five year*, I do so with': <br />the thought that my part in the successful conduct of the County's business has been small but <br />I have a feeling having been a member of the Board during the past five years and <br />by reason of the accomplishments of the Board during that period. Five years ago, due to ad- <br />verse circumstances which had continued over a period of years and whioh.were beyond the oon- <br />trol of any official or official group, we found general conditions of the County gather un- <br />satisfactory. These conditions were not peculiar to Indian River County alone but were faced <br />by counties and public bodies generally throughout the state. In the past five years the <br />finances of the County have been placed on a stable basis. Outstanding .U:ndebtedness of the <br />County has been placed in such condition that the County is entirely current with its obliga- , <br />tions and there should be no reason in the future for this condition to change. For a num- <br />ber of years the County has met its current operating accounts promptly and has been in a <br />position where it could.take advantage of all cash discounts. All phases of County govern- <br />ment have been operated, I believe, efficiently and in such a manner that all requirements <br />have been fully met. In addition to these accomplishments, the tax levies of the County have <br />been reduced to the extent that the average owner of property situated within the County is <br />paying quite a little less in annual taxes than was required to be paid upon the same property° <br />five years ago. The road and bridge system of the County has been satisfactorily, maintained <br />and in fact more work has been done than ever before but actually, at less expense. I could <br />point out accomplishments in every phase of the County operation but you gentlemen are as <br />familiar with these facts as I. 1 know that you gentlemem who have served on the Board of <br />i <br />I- <br />0 <br />1 <br />• <br />1 <br />1 <br />0 <br />