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They were examined by Drs. Kollar, McClellan and Eubanks and were vaccinated for <br />small pox, given Toxoid for Diptheria and 21 containers given to mothers to be <br />tested for Hookworm. <br />i, <br />VIAL DISEASE CLINIC;, <br />Clinics held <br />w, Numbe7f patients 358 <br />Number of Treatments 707 <br />Number of Clinic visits 766 <br />Numbe*f Hlook tests 59 <br />Visits in behalf of clinio 7 <br />PROSTITUTES: <br />Three white girls in jail examined and one treated for Gnoarrhea. <br />VER. DISEASE CONSULTANT: <br />Mrs. Ha fond, V. D. Consultant was in county regarding rehabilitation hospital for <br />veneral disease oases. <br />A letter was received from the Florida State Board of Health with regard to the <br />importance of continuing the Venerial Disease control campaig� in Indian River County* <br />Douglas Barer, Clerk, . vas instructed to write the Florida State Hoard of Health and to the <br />Ron. Mayor of the City of Vero Beach, requesting representatives to `meet with the Board at <br />their next regular meeting to be held Zune 1, 1943, <br />It was ordered.the the contract with Uo S. Coast Guard be renewed. <br />The several bills and accounts against the County having been audited, were examined <br />and Found correct, were approved and warrants issued in settlement of same. Such bills and <br />accounts beim on. file in the office of the .Clerk of the Circuit Court. The warrants so issued <br />from tate respective funds, being listed in the Supplemental Minute Book, ass. provided by the <br />rules of the State Auditor, reference to such record and the list so recorded being made a <br />part of these minutes. <br />' I <br />The County depo=sitory filed its monthly statement,,show ng receipts and disburse- <br />ments of the various funds, which having been audited was found to be correct. <br />There being no further business, no motion made, seconded and carried the Board <br />then adjourned. <br />ACHAIRMAN <br />Ta <br />7 <br />z,, <br />+w .. car .r 40 w " a► s w �... s Mr .0 4+ !w w r .w M .. " .a — w w r <br />i <br />TUESDAY, � l,_,1943. <br />�rr+ri ..n+irr..r+ r.i�. en.n�..�rrw <br />The Board of County Com.iesioners of Indian River County, Florida, met at the Court- <br />house in 'Pero Beach at 10:00 o'clock A. M. Tuesday, June 1, 19439 in regular meeting with <br />the following members of the Board present; <br />S. E. Glover, G. E. Barkoskie and Frank C. Vickers. Also present were C. P. Diamond, Acting <br />Attorney to the Board, Wm. W. Frick, Sheriff and Douglas Baker, Clerk. <br />Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. <br />It was ordered Drank Latourette be removed from the Paupers list as of ,q'une 1, 1948j!:. <br />as he is now receiving State aid. <br />At the request of Mr. W. T. Sexton who appeared before the Board the following Reso- <br />lution was adopted as follows, to -wit: -Note see Resolution PP. 47. <br />• <br />1 <br />i <br />1 <br />C <br />n <br />u <br />1 <br />1 <br />0 <br />