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A check from B. L. Holman in the sum of $107.64 was received in full settlement of <br />�, claim against him in the sum of $387..98 due the County for rental of County road and bridge <br />machinery. <br />This amount <br />is ordered placed <br />in <br />the <br />Road and <br />Bridge <br />fund. <br />It <br />was ordered a <br />warrant be drawn <br />on <br />the <br />General <br />Revenue <br />Fund to Mrs. Amanda.Tomlinson <br />in the sum of $15.00 representing three weeks boarding expense for Alonzo McAllister. At the <br />request of Mrs, Tomlinson the following agreement was made, by the Board. <br />TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: <br />i' We, the County Commissioners of Indian River. County do hereby agree that with respect <br />to Alonzo McAllister "Col.)', a resident of Indian River County who is now a patient in the <br />Boarding Home of Mary Green at Fort Pierce, Florida, that we are and will be responsible for nee- <br />I. <br />essary hospitalization for Alonzo McAllister and 11►. the event such hospitalization becomes neo <br />essary, Alonzo McAllister is to be removed by C. E. Cox from the house where he IS now located <br />to the Indian River Hospital of Indian River County and further that we will be responsible for,, <br />interment expense. <br />Dated this lst day of June, 1943. <br />I' <br />Dog las Baker <br />i; <br />CLE RK. <br />li <br />It was ordered that Henry C. Jackson, Col., Fellsmerh, be paid the sum of $6.00 per <br />U <br />W. C. Graves Jr. <br />month for June and July from the General Revenue Fund. <br />It was ordered Mrs. Estella (W. J.) Robinson, 'zero Beach be placed on the Pauper" s list; <br />r <br />to receive the sum of $4.00 per month until the further orderd of the Board. <br />Notary Public Bond for Walter A. Siewert in the suo of $500.00 with the Messachuetts <br />11 Bonding and Insurance Company as surities was approved. <br />j; It was ordered Notary Public Bond for Peggy V. Buckles in the sure of $500.00 with the <br />f Ammerican- Surity Company of New York as surity was approved. <br />4. <br />It was ordered Judge Cobb be permitted to purchase Miscellaneous Record Book No. 4 fox <br />�! the County Judge's Office. Said record book to cost the sum of $57.80. <br />E. E. Carter, County Engineer, presented a list of St. Lucie County road right- of -ways, <br />descriptions in townships 30, 319 32 and 33 now in Indian River County as espied from the St. <br />Lucie County records. Mr. Carter was commended by the Board for this work and it was ordered <br />a record book be purchased in order that said list be recorded in the public records of Indian <br />River: County and for the purpose of adding thereto additional right-of-ways as it may be deem-. <br />ad necessary. <br />Miss Leila M. Bunkley, County nurse, appeared before the Board and filed a report of <br />activities for the month of May as follows, tolwit: <br />COUNTY NORSE'S MONTHLY REPORT <br />May, 1943. <br />Number of eases under care 16 <br />Number of 'visits. to cases 18 <br />Number of visite in behalf of eases 30 <br />Vaccinated for Small Pox 22 <br />Tox6ld for Diphtheria 7 <br />Number of V. D. Clinics held 9 <br />Number of patients enrolled 375 <br />Number of treatments given 819 <br />1 <br />1 <br />B <br />1 <br />0 <br />1 <br />1 <br />