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n <br />D <br />0 <br />1 <br />0 <br />1 <br />0 <br />8,3 <br />Troy E. Moody, Tax Collector, filed his semi-annual report'of fees and eommissions-,-for <br />i <br />the period of January 1., 1943 to Rune 30th, 1943 as follows: <br />RECEIPTS <br />State <br />453.80 <br />County & Spol. Dists. <br />860.62 <br />Sohool.Spol. Dists. <br />337.00 <br />Drainage Dists. <br />193.01 <br />Tax Redemptions <br />283.18 <br />Auto Tags & Titles <br />600.75 <br />TOTAL <br />2728.36 <br />.TSES <br />Clerks: Mrs. Howard <br />300.00 <br />Bliss Summer <br />70.00 <br />Postage -Express <br />36.3$ <br />Expense checking Oooup. <br />License, etc. <br />176.31 <br />P. 0. Bbx rent <br />6.00 <br />TOTAL <br />588.69 <br />TOTAL RECEIPTS <br />2728.36 <br />TOTAL EXPENSES <br />588.69 <br />NET INCONE <br />'21394 67h <br />Said statement or report <br />was duly sworn to and subscribed before <br />Douglas Baker, Clerk <br />i <br />Circuit Court, auly 30, 1943• <br />I" <br />On motion made by S. E. Glover, seconded by G. E. Barkoskie and unanimously carried, <br />p <br />the salary of W. E. talker, minter Beach Bridge Tender, was increased from $60 to $80 per month.;: <br />The Chairman announced that this regular meeting was held, among other things for the <br />purpose of considering and acting upon and adopting the estimates of the expense for the fisoal <br />year commencing October 1, 1943 and ending September 30th, 1944, which was prepared and enterer <br />upon the minutes of the meeting of the Board of County Commissioners held on the 6th day of <br />i; <br />1 <br />July, 1943, and to fix the rate of taxation for the year 1943• <br />A copy of the advertisement containing the estimates of budget made by the Board of <br />ii <br />County Commissioners at a meeting held at the Court House on the 6th An of July, 1943, W4 +h <br />the publisher's affidavit annexed and presented to the Board and ordered spread upon the <br />minutes and is in words and figures as follows-: <br />, <br />i <br />r . <br />z <br />M <br />In <br />0 <br />C <br />W <br />0 <br />z <br />1� <br />The Board then oonsidered the County Budget and Budget estimates as prepared by the <br />Board at its meeting of July 6th, 1943 and duly advertised, a provided by Law,. in the Vero <br />Beach Press Journal, in its issues of July 9 and 16, 1943• Thereupon Commissioner Helseth in -i, <br />troduced the following resolution and moved its adoption towit: <br />Be it resolved that the budget and estimates of the necessary and ordinary expenses <br />and extraordinary expenses contemplated by the Board of County Commissioners of Indian River <br />County for the fiscal year 1943-1944 as fixed in the minutes of this Board and as advertised <br />