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d! �.Dim- --+ f+ obtain a home for the care of aged people in Indian River <br />;County. Charles A. Mitchell, Attorney, advised Mrs. Newman that .certain plans were in the <br />f;makiag to obtain a building for such a purpose from the 'United Mates Government and located <br />on the local Navy Base, and that he was very #q that these plans would materialize favor <br />!!ably in the near future. <br />V' Charles S. Kuster and Lou4.Burger appeared before the Board and requested the County <br />to marl a continuation of a present and existing street in the area of Spruce Park Bub-dlvision.ti <br />Thur further stated it would require approximately 1500 feet of marl. The Board authorized <br />E. E. Carter, County Engineer, to do this work as soon as possible or in the very near future. <br />County Agent, M. A. Bbudet, submitted a report of his activities for the month of <br />uApril and said report was ordered filed with the Clerk and made a part of these minutes. <br />Alice M. Selleso, County Nurse,.appeared before the Board and submitted a report of <br />her activities for the monthc.of April and said report was ordered filed with the Clerk and made <br />,,a part of these minutes. <br />I, It was ordered th sum of $10.00 be paid each month from the General Revenue Fund to <br />I <br />1St. Lucie County Welfare Association, 298 South 5th Street, Ft. Pierce, Florida, to supplement <br />the cost of room, board, and care of Jonah Chambers, age 82, former resident of Indian River <br />County, effective May 19 1946. <br />Report No. 2826,.whioh was made on the Audit of the accounts of the officials of Indian' <br />!,River County by Phillip S. Shaw was presented to the Hoard, of County Commissioners in connect - <br />'ion with the provisions of section 125.09, Florida Statutes 1941, and it was ordered filed as <br />is part of the Public Records of Indian River County. <br />The following was appointed -Deputy Sheriff -by L. B. O'Steen, Sheriff, and Douglas, <br />Baker, Clerk, announced that said appointment had been filed with him. <br />Name Precinct No. Address <br />i <br />Woodrow W. Johnson 5 Vero Beabh, Florida <br />Deputy sheriff's Bond for Woodrow W. Johnson in the sum of $1,0-0.00 with standard <br />Accident Insurance Company of Detroit, Michigan, as surety was approved. <br />i County Deeds No. 202-212 inclusive on lands acquired under Chapter 194, Florida <br />l!Statutes 1941, were executed by the Board. <br />Application of Imogene Purvis, Fellsmere, Florida, for admission to the Tuberculosis <br />;;Sanitarium of Orlando was approved. <br />Sheriff L. B. O'Steen called the Board's attention to the dire needs of colored <br />!'toilets to be eonstriuoted in or near the Court House. The Sheriff further stated that such <br />;toilets were needed practically all of the time, particularly so during the several terms of <br />!County and Circuit GoUrt. E. E. Carter, County Engineer, was instructed to confer with the <br />firm of Duncan & Stewart as to the possible plans for the colored toilets. <br />It was ordered the election officials for the first primary be paid the sum of $8.00 <br />per day,plus $2.00 to the person returning the ballot box,plus 5¢ per wile; further, that the <br />Deputy Sheriffs' conducting said election to receive the sum of $3.00 per day; further, that tpe <br />owners of the buildings.where the elections were conducted to receive the sum of $3.00 per day <br />for rental. <br />Commissioner Glover introduced the following resolution and moved its adoption as <br />follows to -wit: <br />�I <br />RACE TRACT R E ---S OZ L U._ T I 0 N <br />t' 'WHEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County has received in the <br />;.',current budget year the sum of $95,000.00 asomonies transmitted to it under the provisions of <br />Chapter 550, Florida Statutes, and being monies derived from so-called "race track funds"; and, <br />rl I <br />I" <br />i' <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />0 <br />I. <br />1 <br />0 <br />