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Trotective Association stating that it would require the sum of $2,500.00 to $2,900.00 from <br />a <br />;the County for the purpose of supplementing firemen's salary, gasoline and other expenses per <br />year, and Mr. W. C. Graves, Jr., Chairman.of the Board' together with the other members agreed <br />�,as to the necessity and importance of the maintenance and operation of the said Indian River <br />Fire Protective Association and stated to Mr. Zeuch that they would cooperate in every way' <br />land would endeavor to provide the required funds. <br />r <br />Pursuant to permission from the Board, Douglad Baker, Clerk, advised that he had -re - <br />;quested estimate to be submitted for the purchase of exhaust fans for the Court Room. He further <br />i <br />{stated that he had requested said estimates from Florida Appliace's and the Frigid Temp Inc., and <br />ly to his requests the following estimate was submitteds <br />July 19, 1946 - <br />Douglas Baker, Clerk <br />+Iridian River County Board of Commissioners, <br />,County Court House, <br />!Vero Beach, Fla. <br />is ; }YP'y�u <br />;Dear Mr. Baker: <br />Pursuant to our conversation relative to a practical installation of ventillating zrrf <br />Oquipment for the Court Room, located on the second floor of the Court House, I am pleased to <br />;advise as follows: <br />! <br />Mr. T. W. Radinsky, who accompanied me to your office last Tuesday afternoon, who <br />Fakes the installations for purchasers of my equipment, has taken the measurements of the above <br />1pmentioned Court Room and has also made a survey of the attiey, both physically and by blue print' <br />;reference. After having made his survey, Mr. Radinsky recommends the use of two (2), forty�- <br />jieight-inch (48") fans, the price of which we quote as follows: <br />2 - Holcomb & Hoke Ventillating'Fans @ 174*t50eea.....•. $3,9.00 <br />h 2 - LeLand 3/4 H. P. Elect. Motors @ 72.70 ea, 145.40 <br />2 - "Comfortrol" Automatic Switches @ 19.50 ea•......0 <br />Total.*.* 53� <br />The above are 0. P. A. approved ceiling prices. However, I am pleased to be able to <br />;allow a 15% (fifteen per cent) discount on the two fans by virtue of having purchased these <br />;fans before 0. P. A. set these prices. This discount would amount to $52.35 and would bring <br />the above Total price figure down to • • • • • • • • • . • • . . • • • • • $481.05. <br />I shall not attempt herein to detail the type of installation needed as Mr. Radinsky <br />'contemplates being present at your August 6th meeting in order that he might personally answer <br />;any pertinent questions on the type of installation as well as his charge for installing, <br />(, Respectfully submitted, <br />6 <br />FLORIDA APPLIANCES <br />was Gre2n <br />By: CARL R• GREEN, Propt. <br />!GC : Mr. T. W. Radinsky ". <br />On motion made by Commission Helseth, seconded by Commissioner Glover and unanimously <br />earried, the Board agreed to purchase two individual fans from Florida Appliance for approx <br />each <br />lmately $220.52�,and that E. E. Carter, County Engineer, was authorized to supervise the install-* <br />jation of same. <br />�t I <br />A. C. MacConnell, City Clerk, appeared before the Board and requested County taxes <br />q' <br />��e cancelled for the years 1941 to 1945 inclusive, on all of Block 109 Edgewood Addition covered!! <br />why Certificate 2346, Sale of July 31, 1942, stating the City acquired title to this land January;! <br />1940 and it was their intent that the land be used for public purposes and that in the event i <br />the City elected to sell the land the County taxes would then become due and payable for all <br />rears on which taxes had been cancelled, The Board advised Mr. MacConnell that they would adoptli <br />irresolution -to this effect subject to the approval of the State Comptroller. <br />IIII, <br />County Agent, M. A. Boudet, appeared before the Board with regard to an exhibit from <br />Xndian River County for the State Fair to be held at Tampa. Mr. Boudet 'out -lined the procedure <br />d the proposed expenses in connection with the Fair. After considerable discussion and con- <br />ideration as to expenses and receipts of said Fair together with the advantages and disadvant- <br />'�ages, the Board decided akainst the proposal, <br />i Alice Helleso, County Nurse, appeared before the Board making a report of her acti- <br />vities for the month of July and filed a written report which is on file in the Clerk's Office !I^ <br />�I +I, <br />• <br />1 <br />49 <br />1 <br />1 <br />