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;proposition. Attorney Charles A. Mitchell made a verbal report concerning the matter and <br />,'stated to the committee that he would direct a letter to Mr. Be L. Holman that it .necessary <br />that steps be taken immediately to provide to the general public suitable access to Blue <br />;Cypress Lake in order that People generally may enjoy sport -fishing inthelake. The following <br />lis a copy of the letter w Mend to Mr. Be L. Holman by Attorney Mitchell for the Board of <br />County Commissioners and is self-explanatory. <br />.'Charles A. Mitchell <br />Sherman N. Smith, Jr. <br />Marshall 0. Mitchell <br />;Charles P. Diamond <br />'Mr. B. L. Holman <br />';'Vero Beach, Florida <br />Dear Buds <br />LAW OFFICES <br />MITCHELL, SMITH & MITCHELL <br />September 3, 1946 <br />107-15 Indian River Citrus <br />Bank Building <br />Vero Beach, Florida <br />It is necessary that steps be taken immediately to provide to the general public " <br />!suitable Jaccess to Blue Cypress Lake in order that people generally may enjoy sport-fishing <br />;at the Lake. <br />Recentlywhen you were in our office on a discussion of airport matters involving the <br />!City, I mentioned to you that it was going to -be necessary tolring the Blue Cypress matter to <br />is conclusion. We then agreed that it would be proper that a committee representing the various <br />;'interests in the matter go to.Blue Cypress Lake look over the ground and determine if the <br />smatter could be brought to a prompt conclusion by agreement and in order to avoid the unpleasant <br />j-ness of litigation. I think this is a good suggestion; and while it may not do any good, there' <br />!is always the possibility that it will, and, definitely, I cannot see how it would do any harm. <br />!I would -like to go out to Blue Cypress Lake with you at'a day you may select, either this week <br />or next week. I think it should be within that period of time. A member of the Board of <br />County Commissioners and Mr. Carter, the County Engineer, will go with us, and I would also <br />,like to have two or three representatives of the Rod and Gun Club along so that we may not <br />overlook any phases of the matter. j <br />I ask that you advise me of a day that would be suitable for this trip and I would <br />d,,like to halve=aseveral days' notice so that I can get word to the others. This trip is not any <br />4, legal matter, and I have had no hesitancy in writing you this letter. However, I think Thad <br />should be fully advised; and, therefore, I am sending him a copy of this letter. I think it <br />would be fine if he could go along with us on the inspection trip. %. <br />Will you please let me know of a date that would be 'suitable to you for the trip? <br />r' <br />b',CAMitchell/dmt <br />CC:THCarlton <br />Very truly yours, <br />County Deeds numbering 238 to 241, both inclusive, were signed by the members of the <br />,Board under provisions of Chapterg22079, Laws of Florida. <br />Application of Delmar E: Richardson and Calvin Heasley (The Parkway Hotel) were <br />licensed to sell intoxicating liquors, wines, and beer (Series'7* C.O.P.) was inspected and <br />after careful consideration of s'ame'�on motion made, seconded and carred the same was approved. <br />Application of Ward B. Can.over (The Beachland Hotel) for license to sell intoxicating <br />liquors, wines and beer (Series 7+ C.O.P.) was inspedted,and after careful consideration of <br />,same on motion made, seconded and carried the same was approved. <br />�i <br />Alice M. Helleso, County Nurse, appeared before the Board and filed a report of her <br />activities of the month of August, and the said report was ordered filed with Douglas Baker, <br />Klerk, and made a part of these minutes. <br />M. A. Boudet, County Agent' filed a report of his activities for the month of August, <br />and the same was ordered filed with Douglas Baker, Clerk, and made a part of these minutes. <br />It was ordered Zelma Conway, Box 50 Sebastian, Florida, receive a check on General <br />Revenue Fund in the sum of $12,00 per month, and in addition thereto a grocery order in the sump' <br />of $28.00 per month until the further orders of the,Board.. <br />RESOLUTION <br />TRANSFER FROM ONE ITEM, ,TO-. -ANOTHER:.- <br />Commissioner <br />ANOTHER:. <br />Commissioner S. E. glover introduced the following resolution and moved itis adoption,!; <br />to -Wit; <br />WHEREAS, there°is a surplua under the items of numbers 211; 212; 216; 1-2199 241; <br />5-241; 2611 262; 263; 264; 1-269; 341; 1-341; 361; 562; 2-5639�Veterans Service Officers and <br />699 in the General Revenue Fund of Indian River County and which surplus exists after the pay - <br />0 <br />1 <br />• <br />0 <br />I. <br />n <br />U <br />1 <br />1 <br />11 <br />