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1, <br />TUES2AY3 OCTOBER la 1946. <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County met at the Court House in 9 <br />it Vero Beach, at 10x00 o'clock, A. M. Tuesday' October 1, 19469 in regular meeting with <br />following members presents S. E. Glover, Chairman pro tem; R. W. Graves, Frank C. Vickers, <br />I' and Albert 0. Helseth. Absent: W. C. Graves, Jr. Also present were Charles A. Mitchell, <br />attorney; E E. Carter, County <br />Engineer, L. B 0Steena Sheriff; <br />andDou las Baker, Clerk. <br />k. <br />The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. <br />On motion made by Commission Frank C. Vickers,.seconded by Commissioner R. W. Graves,; <br />and unamiously carried the salary of the County Nurse, -Alice M. Helleso, was increased $25.00 <br />per month effective October 1, 1946, <br />i. <br />J. B. Tippin and Jimmy Reams representing the Rod and Gun Club appeared before the it <br />1 <br />Board with regard to the proposal made by B. L. Holman for the Blue Cypress Lake road, and i. <br />I <br />the said proposal is out -lined in the following'letters which.are self-explanatory. j <br />The Committee ask comparative estimate of costs be submitted at the next meeting. <br />;;On the attached map I have indicated the new Proposed Route in Red and the Existing Route in <br />1r <br />LAW OFFICES <br />MITCHALL, • SMITH & MITCHELL j <br />September 16, 1946 �I <br />Charles A. Mitchell 107-15 Indian River Citrus Bank <br />,*Sherman N. Smith, Jr. Building <br />*Marshall 0. Mitchell Vero Beach, Florida ,. <br />r <br />Charles P Diamond a <br />*On active duty with the <br />Armed Forces <br />,I <br />Mr. E. E. Carter <br />Vero Beach, Fla. <br />Dear Edge: <br />It is my understanding that the result of our trip to Blue Cypress Saturday is that <br />you will make an estimate of the cost of construction of the road leading from the existing <br />grading to the lake, and this will be presented tbothe Board of County Commissioners for con- <br />sideration at the meeting of the Board on Tuesday, October 1st. <br />I am sending a copy of this letter to the representatives of the interested groups. y <br />It is my suggestion that Mr. Tippin and Mr. Reams, together with such other representatives of <br />the Rod and Gun Club as they may wish to be present, attend the Board meeting of October 1st <br />at about 11:00 A. M. <br />It is my thought•that if we should reach a favorable determination of the present <br />proposal we should then assure ourselves that it does not detrimentally affect Mr. Surrency, <br />and if no such effect appears, we should then proceed to conclude the matter. <br />Sincerely yours, <br />CAMsara Mitchell , <br />j cc: Mr. Douglas Baker, City <br />Mr. Robert W. Graves, Wabasso i <br />Mr. Jimmy Reams, City p� <br />Mr. J. B. Tippin, City <br />---------------------------- <br />Vero Beach Florida <br />Sept. 30, 1946. �I <br />Board of County Commissioners II' <br />Court House, til <br />Vero Beachl Florida <br />Gentlemen: al <br />A committee appointed by your chairman consisting of Commissioner Robert Graves, <br />Attorney Charles Mitchell, and County Road Superintendent Ed. Carter, met with Bud Holman and <br />his attorney Thad Carlton on the Holman property at Blue Cypress Lake on the afternoon of <br />September 14th, to view and discuss an alternate road route into Blue Cypress Lake across the i <br />Holman property to replace the right-of-way over Rich the County now holds an easement. Also <br />,present was a committee delegation from the Rod and Gun Club consisting of•Mr. Tippin, Mr. <br />Reams, Mr. Dorman and others. <br />Mr. Holman's proposition, as outlined by Mr. Carlton, was to deed Indian River County, <br />',a strip of land sixty feet wide, northward along his West property line from a point where the <br />new constructed grade intersects the line between he and Mr. Surrancy. He agreed that part <br />or all of the borrow pit or ditch from which the road fill material could•be obtained from his j <br />property immediately East of the road fill located on the sixty foot right-of-way and that in <br />• <br />the future he would have use of the ditch for drainage and pumping operation. This road waald <br />lead North to the South line of the North 800 feet of Lot "L" as shown on the Fellsmere Farms <br />,Company Plat and then East to Blue Cypress Lake. In addition to the above road sight -of -way <br />he agrees to deed to Indian River County, the North 800 feet of Lot "L" for Park pubWes. <br />Mr. Holman has planned to construct a dike along the above described road location -and estimateI <br />that this dike will cost $1000.00. He further agrees tocbnate this1000.0p to Indian River <br />County to apply as part of the cost of constructing the road which will also act as his West <br />Dike. <br />The Committee ask comparative estimate of costs be submitted at the next meeting. <br />;;On the attached map I have indicated the new Proposed Route in Red and the Existing Route in <br />1r <br />