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/ 300 <br />jBlue. As indicated I find that it will require 1* miles more road grade on the new proposed <br />Froute than on the existing route. <br />�Basging an estimate on existing contracts in this area on similar workat13¢ per cubic yard <br />,;for a road grade with a top width of 30 feet, one to one side slopes and an average fill depth <br />of 3* feet I submit the following comparison. <br />:New alternate Route 8943 feet.............. ....38,753 Cu. Yds ........ ...$5037.89 <br />,Present Easembnt Route 2343 feet..............10,153 Cu. Yds........... <br />Difference in yardage cost ...................................... ......,. 371 W.A. <br />Less Cash donation by Mr. Bud Hoban........................0.600........ 000 <br />$27719-00 <br />Deductions other items on Present Routes <br />Fencing to be rebuilt...............$360.00 <br />Two Cattle Gards.................... 0.00 <br />Total.. 0.00 <br />Estimate Net increased -cost ........ $2258.00 <br />For this increased cost the County is acquiring between 20 and 25 Acres of Lake front land to <br />1be used for Public Park purposes, and is relieved of perpetual maintenance of fences and cer- <br />tain restrictions now enforced on present right-of-way easement. <br />'I might also mention that there is no difference in elevation and character of the Lake Shore <br />of the two locations, both being marshy and under water most of the year: If it became de- <br />'sirable to develop this tract as a usable Park Site an area would have to be filled or diked <br />1. <br />and pumped. This would be true on either of the above mentioned location. <br />Respectfully submitted, <br />E.E. Carter <br />E.E. Carter, <br />EEC/Eff County Road Superintendent. <br />Enc. <br />®aerrrrr—rrr—rr--r-rrr---rr <br />On motion made by Commissioner Helseth seconded by Commissioner R. W. Graves and <br />unanimously carried, the Board approved the Road Committee's report as submitted by E. E. <br />Carter, County Engineer, and instructed the Road Committee, consisting of R. W. Graves, <br />Charles A. Mitchell, and E. E. Carter to proceed along the line of bringing the matter to a <br />satisfactory conclusion, and in so doing request Mr. W. A. Surrency to meet with the Board at <br />'a date to be agreed upon in order to obtain his views in the matter. <br />It was ordered Mrs. Gus Samuelson be placed in the Welfare Home at Indrio, St. Lucie <br />jCounty, Florida, aAd this Board would pay the Sum of .00 per month for her care. <br />Application of John Capone (The Paradise Inn) about 1* miles west of Dixie highway <br />on Oslo road, Oslo, Florida, for a license to sell intoxicating liquors, wines and beer <br />(Series 7* C.O.P.) was inspected, and after carefully considering the same, on motion made, <br />'seconded, and unanimously carried, the same was disapproved because the proposed location is <br />°within 2500 feet of established church and without corporate limits of City or town as location, <br />,As understood from application; further,second description of proposed location was not suffi- <br />�ciently specific. <br />Honorable Troy E. Moody, Tax Collector, appeared before the Board and stated he <br />needed additional lights for the Collectors office. On motion made by R. W. Graves, seconded <br />by Commissioner Vickers and unanimously carried, Mr. Moody was instructed to obtain two lights <br />a cost of <br />at/approximately $40.00 each. <br />County Deeds 242 and 244- were executed by the Board as provided under 22W9,, Laws of <br />Florida. <br />Attorney J. Pasco Woods appeared before the Board on behalf of Willie Rimes, and the <br />Board agreed to provide groceryorders not to exceed the sum of $40.00 for the month of October. <br />Application for Mother's Pension of Maebelle Corbett, Box 141, Gifford, Florida, in <br />the sum of $12.00 per month was approved until further orders of the Board. <br />Ii...-_-_----------------- <br />I' APPLICATION TO ISSUE DUPLICATE TAX SALE CERTIFICATE <br />i <br />��TO THE HON. BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF INDIAN RIDER CO., <br />�I DERO BEACH, FLORIDA. <br />I. Roll B. Thompson, 343 N. Front St. Steelton, of.the County of ® State of Penn., <br />GI <br />'r <br />Gentlemen: <br />7-7 <br />L <br />0 <br />1 <br />0 <br />1 <br />1 <br />0 <br />