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r-430 <br />Application to transfer beverage license No, 12 from Calvin W. Heasley to <br />Donald EcIlvane "Parkway Hotel* was approved. <br />Application to transfer beverage license No. 18 from Edward S. Thomas and Fotis R. <br />Takia to Fotis N. Takia n Delmiar CocktailL a was approved. <br />LThere being no further business the Board then adjourned until 2s00 o'clock P. M. <br />11,Friday, May `i' 1948' because of the primary election being held on Tuesday, May 4' 19489 said <br />date being the regular meeting date of this Board. <br />CHAIRMA <br />ATTE <br />------------------------------ire----------------------------sir-----�s�.��®s�\r_I►�s�l-irrr�®r0o®s®�— ' <br />i <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County met at the court House in <br />1 Vero Beach t 2:E3/P.c®ck ad�eurned <br />a Florida,s , Friday, Y",1s 1948, In regular/ane Ing with the following <br />members of the Board presants Wo C. Graves, Jr., Chairtan; Albert 0. Heiseth, Y <br />S. E. Glover, and Frank C. Vickers. Absents J. L. Helpl ng. Also present were 8. E. Carter, <br />1, <br />County Engineer; Alice Helles®' L. B. O'Steen, Sheriff; Sherman N. Smith, Jr., of the firm of <br />Mitchell, Smith and Mitchelland Douglas Baker, Clerk. <br />The minutes of the previous meetings were read and approved.. <br />F Mr. E. R. Bell of Orlando, Florida, appeared before the Board with regard to his <br />wife1who is a patient in the 'tuberculosis Sanitorium in Orlando. Douglas Baker' Clerk, was <br />instructed to write the following letter to Dr. Thompson of the Florida State Sanitorium with <br />,regard to the Board's position regarding Mrs. Belle, <br />iii May 9' 191+8 <br />Dr. R. D. Thompson <br />Superintendent State Tuberculosis Sanitorium <br />P. 0. Bou 3513 <br />Orlando, Florida <br />In Res Mrs. Setty Lou Bell <br />Vero Beach, Florida <br />'Dear Dr. Thompson: <br />The Board of County Commissioners today took under consideration your letters of <br />April 9 28 and 30 concer the above named patient, Mr,► Eddie R. Bell, the husband of <br />,this patient appeared before the Board. The Board has diected me to advise you as followss <br />The Board received, investigated and acting upon the application for admission of <br />I '! <br />this patient in the usual manner and relied upon AM accepts `the statement in the application <br />the satement of.the patient that she had been a resident of Florida for four years. There- <br />fore the Board cannot and does not assume the amount of hospitalization from December 59 1947, <br />;the late of her admission, accepting only to the extent of $1.25 per day being the County <br />portion of the aid. It is the opinion -of the Board that the State be responsible for its <br />!share of the aid until the determination is made that the patient is not entitled to State <br />aid. <br />The Board is further -willing for Mrs. Bell to continue as transient patient and <br />;under this arrangement the Board is willing to pay the sum of $1.25 toward the hospitali-nation <br />!costs but cannot and does not assume any responsibility for hospital costs above $1,25 -per <br />'day. If it is not possible for the State to pay its portion to wit $3.00 per day then the: <br />,County will be willing to continue its $1.25 per day, providing Mr. Bell or some of her family <br />assume full responsibility and pay all of her hospitalization costs above $1.25 per day. These <br />arrangements for payment of this additional sum should be made with the sanitarium Rnd the <br />Aavments made directly to the-sanitorium. <br />Yours., -very truly, <br />o las B <br />DBsRG Cle7k Board County Commission&" <br />- - -W qW 40 40- - - <br />Messrs. MacConne11'-,1tppin, Griffis' Johnson, Ezell, Lockwood, -Graves and Taylor - <br />,appeared before the Board *Ith`'regard to the Blue Cypress Uke road to be constructed by the <br />,County, and the Board advised'these gentlemen that work was or would be in the near future <br />started constructing said road. <br />It was moved by <br />Commissioner <br />Gloveri seconded by.Commissioner <br />Vickers an arried <br />that the Board appropriate <br />and,pay from <br />the General Revenue <br />Fund the sum <br />of $100.00 to <br />0 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />r <br />0 <br />