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Date: <br />Subject: <br />Scope: <br />Schedule: <br />Fee: <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br />SOLID WASTE DISPOSAL DISTRICT <br />CONTRACT FOR SOLID WASTE SERVICES <br />WORK ORDER NUMBER 1, AMENDMENT 2 <br />AUTHORIZATION FORM <br />June 9 <br />, 2015 <br />15.x.2.. <br />6-9- IS <br />/Q3 <br />Solid Waste Procurement Services <br />The amended Scope of Work is provided in Exhibit A. <br />To be completed as detailed in the attached amended Scope of Work. <br />Time -and -materials budget adjustment not to exceed $18,520 as provided in Exhibit B. <br />IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this Work Order amendment as of the date <br />first written above. <br />AUTHORIZATION: <br />CONSULTANT <br />Kessler Consulting, Inc. <br />By: /P�,z_ <br />Title: President <br />BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br />By: <br />Bob Solari, Vice Chairman <br />BCC Approved Date: <br />June 9, 2015 <br />• <br />sr <br />=,y <br />Attest: Jeffrey R. Smith, ler - Court and C,* =holler <br />eputy Clerk <br />Approved: <br />Approved as to form and legal sufficiency: <br />Joseph Baird, County Administra or <br />Dyl n T. Reingold, County Attorney <br />