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62 <br />TUESDAY, APRIL 6th 1926. <br />The Board of County Commissioners is and for Indian River County, Florida, met at <br />the Court House in Vero Beaoh,,on Tuesday, April 6th 1926 at 10:00 o'clock A.Y. with <br />the following methere of the Board present: John H. Atkin, Chairman; G. A. Braddock; <br />J. W. LaBruce; Donald Forbes and 0. 0. Helseth. Also present were Miles Warren, Clerk <br />and J. W. Knight, Sheriff. <br />Tbs Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. <br />The following resolution was unanimously adopted, after a committee of citizens <br />appeared before the Board and presented a tentative pian for the construction of an <br />inland Highway which will open up the back country of Indian River County and the other <br />Counties of the East Coast of Florida. Such committee informed the Board that the State <br />Road Department has the construction of such a road under considerations <br />AREAS, it appears that, the construction of an inland highway that will open up <br />the back country of Indian River County and the other counties $6 the North and South <br />of it on the East Coast and that it will tend to relieve the congestion on the present <br />Dixie Highway is a vital need of the State of Florida and a project that will do more <br />to advance the growth of the State than any other one that has been proposed along the <br />line of road construction; <br />TBEREFORE be it Reaolv,A that the Board of County Commissioners of Indian River <br />County, Florida, does hereby endorse the construction of an inland highway through this <br />County and does hereby urge the State Road Depprt hent tpdnitiate such a project at the <br />earliest possible time and does hereby go on, record as pledging its undivided support <br />and co-operation to the State Road Department in successfully consummating the con- <br />struction of this proposed road. <br />BZ IT FURTHER resolved that a copy of this resolution be forwarded to each member <br />of the State Road Department. <br />Jas. 0. Watson and others representiig the Beachland Developsaent Company appeared <br />before the Board and requested refund on building County road from Vero Bridge Beat and <br />South on the peninsular --such roads being included in the Bond issue of Special Read A <br />Bridge District #4. Itvwsa ordered that the County Engineer submit estimates of this <br />work and refund be mads this Comzpany on this project. <br />I. F. Stinson appeared in person and gave notice of filing protest on March 6th, <br />1926 against road running on Borth line of Sec. 20 Tp 31 S R 39 East as entered in the <br />minutes of this Board at page 66. After some discussion and thorough understanding <br />regarding the matter the protest was withdrawn. <br />t3OLUTI0B EMERSON AVENUE ROAD 1/4 MILE SOUTH. <br />Barry V. Damsrow, City Engineer of the City of Vero Beach appeared before the Beam <br />and requested on behalf of said City of Vero Beuch that inasm'oh as property owners on <br />Zmsrson Avenue frost Osceola Boulevard to a point ens -fourth mile South, which is inclnd <br />as part of the road systole of Special Road & Bridge District No. 4 desire to pave <br />Same to a greater width than is proposed in said Road District program, that the County <br />permit the city to construct said road under the supervision of the County Engineer and <br />that the City of Vere Beath be reimbursed by the County for said work to the extent <br />of the appropriation made by the County for the read as described in the wets': of <br />said Special Road & Bridge District Bo. 4. whereupon Commissioner Braddock moved that <br />i <br />the request be granted and the appropriation made, which notion upon being pat to a vet <br />was unanimously adopted. <br />It was ordered that the County Engineer ro4,the north Canal Road at Fella Brea <br />., -,... L <br />stenos of about one and three-quarters mile at a coat of approximately 66409.50. <br />,` 'e!'`,...*--‘, <br />' � "'4-4..._.-5,\. i..' :; z A-si�r t .... <br />iiimiiiimil <br />e <br />,11.00;. <br />1 <br />