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rp'--4 5 6 <br />i <br />The Board then proceeded to and did name the following persons as Clerks and <br />Inspectors -of the several voting precincts of the County to hold -and -conduct the Special <br />'General Eledti.on to be held Tuesday, January 11, 1955, as follows: <br />PRECINCT NO, 1. ROSELAND <br />.Voting Place, Community Hall, Clerk, Edna L. Holtzclaw. Inspectors: Lester banshaw, Gladys <br />R. Long, Charles E. Krause. <br />PRECINCT N0. 1P. FELLSMERE <br />Voting Place, City Hall. Clerk, Dorothy E. Bussey, Inspectors: Gladys W. Young, Mary S. <br />McCluer, Nellie M, Kesler. <br />PRECINCTNO.11B. SEBASTIAN <br />Voting Place, City Hall. Clerk, Viola A. Foster. Inspectors: Kathryn S. Crippen, June E. <br />Williams, Daisy M. Shafor, <br />ECINCT NO. 2. WABASSO <br />Voting Place, School Building. Day -time Board. Clerk, Henry H. Monkman. Inspectors: Alma <br />Jones, Mrs. Mae Conover, Geroge S. Owen. <br />Night-time Board. Clerk, B. N. Brown, Sr. Inspectors: Mrs. Eula O'Steen, Dors. 11. Be McMechen, <br />Mrs. Katie M. Stinson, <br />PRECINCT N0. 2A. WINTER BEACii <br />Voting Place, School Buibding. Clerk, Eugene F. Hamilton, Inspectors: Edith F. Pippin, <br />Ruby M. Williams, Dorris Arnold. <br />PRECINCT NO. A. NORTH VERO BEACH CITY' LIMITS <br />Voting Place, Community Building. Bay -time Board, Clerk, Abbie J. Wykoff. Inspectors: <br />Lilliau.W. Graves, Blanche W. Warren, Pauline Stanbridge. <br />Night-time Board. Clerk, R. G. Bartlett.. Inspectors: Joseph H. Corino, Herschel A.,Auxier, <br />We C. Graves, III. <br />PREgINQT0, §A, NOR-THWE5T VERO REAQ OUTSIDE <br />Voting Place, Indian River Farms Drainage Dist. Office, Road 60. Day -time Board. Clerk, <br />Irones Campbell. Inspectors; J. M. Graves, Frank D. Hawkins, John H. Stine. <br />Night-time Board. Clerk, L. J. Rehberg, Inspectors; M..B, Tillis, Wm, E. Shrewsbury, L. W. <br />Cherry. <br />PRECINCT N0, 4.L SOUTH VERO BEACH <br />IN CITY <br />LIMITS <br />Voting Place, Youth Center. Day -time Board. Clerk, Sarah B. <br />Cockrell, <br />Inspectors: Mrs, J. H. <br />Conn, Alice Vinnedge, Opal Moeller. <br />Night-time Board, Clerk, Dessa 0. Moeller, Inspectors: F. <br />H. Bragdon, <br />Elbert We Knight, Jr., <br />'John S. Thomas. <br />PRECINCT N0. 9A. SOUTHWEST XERO <br />BEACH OUTaIRE <br />CITY LIMITS <br />Voting Place, Community Service Station, Corner Clemann Ave. <br />& Road 60. <br />Fray -time Board, <br />Clerk, Dorothea Cahill. Inspectors: Mickey Clements, Alida A. <br />Willis, Wilma <br />C. Christensen. <br />Night-time Board, Clerk, Paul Goodridge. Inspectors; William <br />A. Reams, <br />James S. Stapp, Beulah <br />Goll -nick. <br />PRECINCT 1NO, 5. EAST VENO BEACH C.TY LIMITS <br />Voting Place, Parkway Hotel. Daytime Board, Clerk, E. u. Jacocks. Inspectors: Rose C. Smith, <br />Marie D. Keffer, Lola Ethel West. <br />Night-time Board, Clerk, Kenneth R. Doses.. Inspectors; Betty Plamondon, Alex MacIvilliam, Jr., <br />Fay Whittier. <br />