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0 <br />e <br />TUESDAY. JUNE 7. 1955 <br />R4 <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County met at the Courthouse <br />at Vero Beach, Indian River County, in a regular meeting at 9:00 o'clock A. M., Tuesday, <br />June 7, 1955, with the following members present: (Commissioners W. C. Graves, Jr., Chairman, <br />J. J. P. Hamilton, H. C, Watts, Aubrey Waddell andlAllison Warren. Also present were E. E. <br />Carter, Road & Bridge .Superintendent, George Heaths, Attorney, Sam T. Joyce, Sheriff, and <br />Douglas Baker, Clerk. <br />// Minutes of May 3rd regular meeting, were read and the same approved upon Motion <br />oc*'Commissioner Waddell, seconded by Commissioner Hamilton and carried. <br />Attorney Sherman N. Smith, Jr.., was to advise the Board whether it required <br />an act of the legislature or simply a resolution regarding County Zoning that would prevent <br />cement abuttments being constructed into the Atlantic Ocean. <br />Commissioner Inlarren reported on County wide garbage and disposal sanitation <br />and stated that Senate Bill 8370 in effect covers this matter regarding aid on insecticides, <br />equipment and personnel services to the extent that all counties now participating, starting <br />July 1, 1955, be eligible to receive 60� on the dollar instead of the 75� now available, and <br />in addition, $15,000.00 for direct aid for the items heretofore mentioned. <br />Commissioner Warren reported that his coipmittee had contacted the City of <br />Vero Beach Committee regarding State and County roads within the City limits and stated the <br />City wanted the county to extend 27th Avenue State paving North from Road 60 to the proposed <br />truck route (along North side -of main canal) and request' State to make a survey for the <br />truck route from Road 60 to U.S. 91. He further stated that City Manager, Charles Jewett <br />had been out of town and therefore, no discussion was held about the proposed joint county, <br />city purchases of road and bridge materials. <br />Commissioner Waddell and Road and Bridge Superintendent, E. E. Carter, were <br />appointed a committee to investigate park sites for the ',county in an area located on or near <br />the beach, <br />Mr. Humphreys of Wabasso appeared beforetheBoard with a map relating to the <br />proposed U. S. 91 right-of-way through iWabasso and wanted same submitted to the State Road <br />• Department as an alternate road. <br />W. H. Owens of Sebastian appeared before the Board and wanted a permit to <br />operate county garbage disposal trucks in the North end of the county, however, he was advised <br />that the Board did not issue such permits but that he would be permitted to use anyone of <br />the county dumps,for this purpose which was the same permission given Knight and Mathis <br />sometime ago. It was so moved by Commissioner Watts, seconded by Commissioner Waddell and <br />carried. <br />Upon Motion of Commissioner Hamilton, seconded by Commissioner Pladdell and <br />carried, the Board authorized all county employees be covered by the workmen's compensation <br />insurance as provided by law and according to an opinion of the Supreme Court of the State <br />of Florida in the recent case of Parker vs. Hill.,72 Sots. (2d) 820. <br />Upon Motion made by Commissioner Hamilton, seconded by Commissioner Watts <br />and carried, the Board agreed that all county officials and employees who wish to do so may <br />participate under Social Security subject to the proper and necessary steps to be taken <br />at such time as Attorney S. N. Smith, Jr. returns and can so advise.the Board. <br />