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--2 Z Z. <br /> ADDENDUM #8 TO CONTRACT DATED JANUARY 21 , 1997 BETWEEN INDIAN <br /> RIVER COUNTY AND MASTELLER & MOLER, INC. FOR CR 512 PAVING & <br /> DRAINAGE IMPROVEMENTS <br /> INDIAN RIVER COUNTY PROJECT #9611 <br /> COUNTY ROUTE 512 CORRIDOR IMPROVEMENTS <br /> ROSELAND ROAD TO I45 <br /> INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FL <br /> Indian River County staff has diligently attempted to secure right-of--way from various property <br /> owners along County Route 512 for construction of "Four-lane Roadway Improvements" <br /> between Roseland Road and Interstate-95 based on the original Project design. As a result of <br /> difficulties experienced with the right-of-way acquisition process, the County has made a <br /> decision to realign portion of the proposed roadway improvements . <br /> Under this Addendum, this project will remain to be constructed in two (2) separate phases; <br /> designated as Phase III and Phase IV. The length of the phases will be altered slightly under this <br /> Addendum such that the phases will be defined as follows : <br /> Phase III will extend westward from Roseland Road to approximately the east line of the <br /> Sebastian River Middle School and includes the proposed bridge improvements over the <br /> St. Sebastian River. Phase III also includes performance of wetland mitigation to support <br /> wetland impacts in both Phases III and IV. The total length of the Phase III project is <br /> approximately 2 . 14 miles . <br /> Phase IV extends westward from approximately the east line of the Sebastian Middle <br /> School to the Interstate-95 vicinity. The total length of the Phase IV project is <br /> approximately 1 . 60 miles. The Phases overlap and thus the total length of Phase III and <br /> Phase IV is approximately 3 . 5 miles . <br /> As a result of the proposed change to the alignment of the County Route 512 Four-lane Roadway <br /> Improvements, the following segments of the four-lane roadway construction will change : <br /> Phase III — Station 113 +00 to Station 264+00 (31400 ft) <br /> Phase IV — Station 64+00 to Station 124+00 (6, 000 ft) <br /> (Note : The design length to be modified for Phase III does not correlate mathematically <br /> to the difference between stations as a result of the original design containing a station <br /> equation) . <br /> In order that the project design and issued permits may be modified as outlined above, we will <br /> perform the following "Additional Services" : <br />