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Page 1 of 8 <br /> K <br /> INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br /> BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISIONERS <br /> PROJECT # 0532 <br /> PROFESSIONAL GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEM ( GIS) <br /> SERVICES ( MASTER) AGREEMENT <br /> FOR THE GIS ENTERPRISE NEEDS ASSESSMENT and FUTURE <br /> DEVELOPMENT STUDY 2005=2006 <br /> THIS AGREEMENT, entered into this 4th day of October, 2005 by and between INDIAN <br /> RIVER COUNTY , a political subdivision of the State of Florida, hereinafter referred to as <br /> the " COUNTY" , and Geographic Technologies Group, Inc . (GTG ) a North Carolina <br /> corporation of 648 N . Spence Ave , Goldsboro, North Carolina 27530 hereinafter referred <br /> to as " GTG or CONSULTANT" . <br /> WITNESSETH <br /> That the COUNTY and the CONSULTANT , in consideration of their mutual covenants , <br /> herein agree the pursuit of this agreement and the foregoing request for qualifications ( RFO) are <br /> a direct result of proper advertising and procedures as set forth by the Consultants Competitive <br /> Negotiations Act ( C . C . N . A . ) as it relates to this ensuing agreement and with respect to the <br /> performance of professional GIS services by the CONSULATANT , and the payment for those <br /> services by the COUNTY , as set forth below . <br /> This agreement shall be referred to as the "MASTER AGREEMENT' under which all <br /> phases will apply . <br /> The CONSULTANT shall provide the COUNTY with professional GIS and such other <br /> related services as defined within this master agreement for all phases of the project. The <br /> CONSULTANT shall serve as the COUNTY 7s professional representative for the project as set <br /> forth in the attached " Exhibit A" , and shall give professional GIS advice to the COUNTY during <br /> the performance of the services to be rendered . <br /> SECTION I — STANDARDS <br /> All professional services related to this agreement shall adhere to any and all standards <br /> for related task and/or services as it applies and/or is applicable to this agreement . <br /> SECTION II — PROJECT PHASES <br /> The project shall be completed in phases , encompassing specific tasks as outlined within <br /> the Scope of Services " Exhibit A" and as formally approved by the COUNTY prior to a Notice-to- <br /> Proceed being issued . <br /> Basic services required of the CONSULTANT for the project and phases will be <br /> described in other appropriate sections of this Agreement and Scope of Services ( Exhibit A) . <br /> F:\Engineering\Mike O'Brien\My Documents\GIS\GIS Ent\Contract\0532 GIS Needs project MASTER CONTRACT l .doc <br />