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A. General <br /> 1 . The ENGINEER will endeavor not to duplicate any previous work done on the <br /> project. After issuance of written authorization to proceed, the ENGINEER shall <br /> consult with the COUNTY to clarify and define the COUNTY'S requirements for the <br /> project and review available data. <br /> 2. In order to accomplish the work described under this Agreement in the time frames and <br /> conditions set forth in this Agreement, the ENGINEER will observe the following <br /> requirements : <br /> a. The ENGINEER will complete his work on the project within the time allowed by <br /> maintaining an adequate staff of registered engineers, draftsmen, and other <br /> employees on the work. <br /> b. The ENGINEER will cooperate with the COUNTY in order that all work may be <br /> properly scheduled and coordinated. <br /> C . The ENGINEER will contact all known utility companies having installations in <br /> the immediate vicinity of the proposed work and consider relocation of utilities, if <br /> necessary. The ENGINEER will provide the COUNTY with necessary <br /> information relative to required utility adjustments, relocations and installations <br /> and will show all known existing utilities on the design plans . <br /> d . The ENGINEER shall report the status of this project to the Director of the <br /> Public Works Department upon request and hold all drawings, calculations and <br /> related work open to the inspection of the Director or his authorized agent at <br /> any time, upon reasonable request. <br /> 3 . Compensation to the ENGINEER for basic services shall be in accordance with <br /> Section V — Compensation, of this Agreement, as mutually agreed upon by the <br /> ENGINEER and COUNTY. <br /> B . Draina¢e Plan and Calculations: <br /> 1 . Drainage Parameters : Oslo Road (58d' Avenue to 43rd Avenue) will drain to Citrus <br /> Springs Subdivision north side of Oslo Road <br /> SECTION IV - TIME FOR COMPLETION <br /> The time for completion of the stormwater calculations and plan modification for the project shall <br /> be sixty (60) days from notice to proceed. <br /> SECTION V - COMPENSATION <br /> The COUNTY agrees to pay and the ENGINEER agrees to accept for services rendered pursuant <br /> to this Agreement a Lump Sum fee of $5 ,000.00 <br /> SECTION VI - ADDITIONAL WORK <br /> In the event changes are requested by the COUNTY to the contract plans after said plans have <br /> been approved and accepted by the COUNTY or modifications such as additions or deletions, and upon <br /> the issuance of a work order for said additional work by the Director of the Public Works Department, said <br /> additional work may commence in accordance with the fee schedule included in the work order. <br /> CAADocuments and Settings\user22VLocal Settings\Temporary Internet EnesV0LK1AAOs10 Road Exp Agreement I1-05-07 (2).doe <br />