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SECTION VII - PARTIAL PAYMENTS <br /> The COUNTY shall make monthly partial payments to the ENGINEER based upon a percent <br /> complete of lump sum components, as identified in this Agreement. Payments will be made within forty- <br /> five (45 ) days of invoice receipt. Payment shall be made pursuant to the Florida Prompt Payment Act, <br /> Florida Statute 218 . 70 et seq. <br /> SECTION VIII - EXTRA WORK <br /> In the event extra work is necessary by the ENGINEER due to a change in scope of the project, <br /> such work shall be the subject of a supplemental Work Order approved by the Board of County <br /> Commissioners . The work shall be completed in accordance with the following rate schedule: <br /> Principal of Firm $ 150. 00 <br /> Project/Manager Engineer (P.E.) $ 125 .00 <br /> Design Tech S100.00 <br /> Construction Manager $ 80.00 <br /> Draftsman $ 80 .00 <br /> Inspector $ 60. 00 <br /> Clerical $ 45 .00 <br /> SECTION IX - RIGHT OF DECISIONS <br /> All services shall be performed by the ENGINEER to the satisfaction of the Director of the Public <br /> Works Department who shall decide all questions, difficulties, and disputes of whatever nature which may <br /> arise under or by reason of this Agreement and according to the prosecution and fulfillment of the service <br /> hereunder, and the character, quality, amount and value thereof, and the Director's decision upon all claims <br /> questions and disputes shall be final, conclusive and binding upon the parties hereto unless such <br /> determination is clearly arbitrary or unreasonable. <br /> Adjustments of compensation and contract time because of any major changes in the work that <br /> might become necessary or be deemed desirable as the work progresses shall be reviewed by the Director <br /> of the Public Works Department. In the event that the ENGINEER does not concur in the judgment of the <br /> Director of the Public Works Department as to any decisions made by him he shall present his written <br /> objections to the County Administrator; and the Public Works Director and the ENGINEER shall abide by <br /> the decision of the County Administrator of Indian River County, unless the decision is clearly arbitrary or <br /> unreasonable. <br /> SECTION X - OWNERSHIP AND REUSE OF DOCUMENTS <br /> A. Ownership <br /> All reports, tracings, plans, specifications, field books, survey information , maps, contract <br /> documents, and other data developed by the ENGINEER for the purpose of this <br /> Agreement shall become the property of the COUNTY and shall be made available by the <br /> ENGINEER at any time upon request of the COUNTY. When all work contemplated <br /> under this Agreement is complete, all of the above data shall be delivered to the Director <br /> of the Public Works Department. <br /> B . Reuse of Documents <br /> All documents , including but not limited to drawings and specifications, prepared by the <br /> ENGINEER pursuant to this Agreement are related exclusively to the services described <br /> herein . They are not intended or represented to be suitable for reuse by the COUNTY or <br /> C-VDocuments and Settings\user22VLocal Settings\Temporary Internet FilesVOLK I AAOslo Road Exp Agreement 11 -05-07 (2) doc <br /> i <br />