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1 <br />0 <br />M-0 <br />TUESDAY. JULY 3rd. 1956 <br />THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS of Indian River County met at the Courthouse <br />In Vero Beach, Florida in a regular meeting at 9:00 o'clock A. M., July 3rd, 1956. All <br />,6 <br />y members were present. Also present were E. E. Carter, Road & Bridge Superintendent, Sam Joyce, <br />Sheriff, Sherman N. Smith, Jr., Attorney and.Katherine Morrison, deputy Clerk. <br />g <br />Minutes of June 5th regular meeting, were read and the same were approved upon <br />Motion made by Commissioner Hamilton, seconded by Commissioner Waddell and carried. <br />Fred Tuerk and Conrad Tuerk and other interested parties appeared before the <br />;Board and asked that Oslo road be extended before the Toll Road reaches that point. After <br />considerable discussion'in the matter it was decided as follows: <br />"The County does herewith designate as a county road, Oslo Road extending from <br />°Lateral C of Plat of Indian River Farms Company, West along the line dividing Sections 24 and <br />25, and dividing Sections 23 and 26, and dividing Sections 22 and 27, and then extending West <br />dividing Sections 21 and 28, and dividing Sections 20 and 29, and dividing Sections 19 and 30, <br />to the Range line dividing ranges 37 and 38 East; and the County does herewith ask the affected <br />property owners to convey 100 foot width for this county road and upon which the county advises) <br />the opening up of this road by County forces to the West dyke of the Indian River Farms <br />Drainage District with the understanding it will be continued to the West limit by the Tuerk <br />interests, said sections being in Township 33 South, Range 38 East, Indian River County, <br />lFlorida." This upon Motion of Commissioner Hamilton, seconded by Commissioner Vladdell and <br />unanimously carried. <br />The Board asked Sherman N. Smith, Jr., attorney to notify Fort Lauderdale of <br />jthe proposed Oslo Road Extension. <br />Sam Joyce, Sheriff, presented a petition to the Board, signed by 18 persons, <br />basking that the license for Edna's place in Gifford be revoked. Said petition was ordered <br />filed with the Clerk. <br />Commissioner Waddell introduced the following Resolution and moved its adoptionu <br />as -follows, to -wit: <br />,13.E S.0 L LI T ,T, 0 N --- ALLISON WARREN <br />WHEREAS, Allison Warren served as a member of the Board of County Commissioners <br />of Indian River County, Florida, for the past four years; and, <br />WHEREAS, his untimely death prematurely terminated his most valued assistance <br />to this Board and to the members thereof and to the citizens of Indian River County, Florida; <br />Now, therefore, <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, F1orl <br />that this Board does herewith express to Mrs. Warren and the children and his father and mother <br />their appreciation and gratitude for the service which Allison Warren has rendered to this <br />County and this Board, and the members thereof individually do herewith convey to them their <br />deep felt condolences by virtue of his untimely death; and, <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that certified copies hereof be furnished to Mrs. Allison <br />Warren, Mr. and Mrs. Miles Warren, and to the Press and the Radio. <br />adopted. <br />Upon being duly seconded by Commissioner Watts the foregoing was unanimously <br />