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> 1 <br /> f , <br /> FINAL DESIGN AND PLANS PREPARATION FOR b5 - 3 gb <br /> CR 510 from CR 512 to east of 75th Court <br /> This AGREEMENT, entered into this 15th day of November 20051 by and <br /> between INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, a political subdivision of the State of Florida, hereinafter referred to as the <br /> COUNTY, and STANLEY CONSULTANTS , INC . , West Palm Beach, Florida, hereinafter referred to as the <br /> ENGINEER. <br /> WITNESSETH <br /> The COUNTY and the ENGINEER, in consideration of their mutual covenants , herein agree with <br /> respect to the performance of professional civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, land surveying and <br /> related services by or through the ENGINEER and the payment for those services by the COUNTY as set <br /> forth below. <br /> The ENGINEER shall provide professional engineering and related services for the COUNTY in all <br /> phases of the project described in Section III - Scope of Services ; serve as the COUNTY' S professional <br /> representative for the project; and shall give professional engineering and land surveying advice to <br />the <br /> COUNTY during the performance of the services to be rendered. <br /> SECTION I - PROJECT LIMITS AND DESCRIPTION <br /> Consultant services are required for the preparation of design surveys, right-of-way map , parcel sketches and <br /> legal descriptions , subsurface geotechnical investigations, roadway construction plans , bridge plans , permit <br /> applications and utility relocations associated with the improvements/reconstruction of CR 510 located in <br /> Indian River County, Florida to a 4 -lane divided urban roadway with a right of way width of 160 feet. <br /> PROJECT LIMITS are from approximately Station 25 +00 , which is approximately 500 ' north of CR 512 , to <br /> approximately Station 200+00 , near 75 "' Court or approximately 1 mile west of 66d` Avenue along the existing <br /> CR 510 alignment. The roadway length along CR 510 mainline is 18 , 100 linear feet or 3 .42 miles with an <br /> additional 5900 linear feet or 1 . 12 miles of connecting roadway for a total length of 24 ,000 linear feet or 4 . 55 <br /> miles and includes the following : <br /> • Design for reconstruction the old CR 510 (Vero Lakes Estates access road) for approximately 1500 <br /> linear feet of roadway as one -lane one-way rural section. <br /> • Design the west leg of the 89t" Street intersection, as a two lane rural section , with approximately <br /> 1800 linear feet of new roadway from CR 510 westward to 92nd Court, where the existing bridge <br /> accesses the high school . Include dual left turns from eastbound 89d' Street to northbound CR 510 at <br /> the intersection of CR 510 and 89`h Street. Design left turn lanes at the intersection of 89"' Street and <br /> 92nd Court. Evaluation or widening of the existing bridge on 92nd Court will be added by amendment, <br /> if required . <br /> • The proposed 89`h Street road, bridge and Lateral D Canal Relocation , which is east of CR 510 , will <br /> CR 510 Design Agreement20051104.doc Page 1 of 16 11 /7/2005 <br />