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SECTION 00530 - EJCDC <br /> STANDARD FORM OF AGREEMENT <br /> BETWEEN OWNER AND CONTRACTOR <br /> ON THE BASIS OF A STIPULATED PRICE <br /> THIS AGREEMENT dated theJ - - - - aY4 the year 2005 by and <br /> between Indian River County, a political subdivision of the State of Florida (hereinafter called <br /> OWNER) and underarallnd tltilitrpc 1n (hereinafter called CONTRACTOR). <br /> OWNER and CONTRACTOR, in consideration of the mutual covenants hereinafter set forth, <br /> agree as follows: <br /> ARTICLE 1 . WORK <br /> CONTRACTOR shall complete all work as specified or indicated in the Contract Documents, The <br /> work is generally described as follows: <br /> Construction of approximately 400 LF of 6" PVC water main; 250 LF of 4" PVC water main, 1 Fire <br /> Hydrant Assembly and 10 water services on 91" Place and 21 't Avenue in Vero Beach, FL. <br /> Construction consists of, but is not limited to, utilities exploration , coordination With any permitting <br /> agencies , trenching , dewatering , installation of pipe with fittings and all appurtenances, <br /> restrainers, soil compaction , disinfection, testing (includes providing temporary jumper or another <br /> approved method for disinfection and flushing), irrigation repair, private property replacement or <br /> repair, franchise utility repair and traffic control. PVC pipe shall be C-900 per Indian River County <br /> Utility Standards and Specifications . <br /> CONTRACTOR, as an independent contractor and not as an employee , shall furnish, for the sum <br /> amount of Szr•000.00; all of the necessary labor, material , and equipment to perform the work <br /> described above in accordance with the Contract Documents, <br /> ARTICLE 29 ENGINEER <br /> The project has been designed by Gordon E. Sparks, P. E. , Indian River County Utilities <br /> Department, hereinafter called ENGINEER, and ' who is to act as OWNER'S representative, <br /> assume all duties and responsibilities and have the rights and authority assigned to ENGINEER in <br /> the Contract Documents in connection with completion of the work in accordance with the <br /> Contract Documents, <br /> ARTICLE 3 . CONTRACT TIME, <br /> 3 . 1 The work will be completed in accordance with the following time frame. <br /> (a) Within 15 calendar days from effective date of Notice to Proceed , Contractor <br /> shall complete the following tasks : <br /> 1 . Obtain all necessary permits. <br /> 00530- 1 <br /> FAUtilitiesUUTILI Y - ENG,INEERINGXPmJeCts - Assessment Prooc s'BLOCK VILLA WATER PETITION WATER SERVICEIBID <br /> nrbf%l I&A3= MT'M A 4%A F lnrwt _ Pmn.czPn t wr &A=dnn R.1I angi Gnrmmen► I.vl,.,m„ IYu.,ar 4nri f .. #Pve4ow Anti <br />