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Indian River County, Amendment No. 2 <br /> 4ih Street Bridge Replacement <br /> structural, and utility construction elements of the project. The following provides <br /> descriptions of the tasks that the ENGINEER will perform. The general scope of work <br /> will be conducted under a lump sum budget. However, should the COUNTY request <br /> additional services other than those described below, assistance may be authorized under <br /> an hourly budget. <br /> • The ENGINEER will review structural shop drawings to include : <br /> 1 . concrete grout and mortar mixes <br /> 2 . precast and connection details <br /> 3 . utilities saddles and culverts <br /> 4 . resubmittals (maximum of one each). <br /> • Observation of the bridge-culvert construction is established to provide limited <br /> observation during the installation of the structure . The ENGINEER effort will <br /> include: <br /> 1 . Four site visits to observe spread footing construction, structure construction <br /> phasing and pre-cast member placement. <br /> • The ENGINEER will also perform a pre-final walk through, review the record <br /> drawings, assist in establishing a punchlist, and perform a final walk through and <br /> certification. <br /> • The ENGINEER will assist with shop drawing review and field observation <br /> assistance beyond that described above on an hourly basis, when requested by The <br /> COUNTY. <br /> Roadway Construction Observation Assistance <br /> • The ENGINEER will respond to COUNTY and Contractor Requests for Information <br /> (RFI) . <br /> • The ENGINEER will review the contractor submitted shop drawings. <br /> • The ENGINEER will review as-built drawings provided by the Contractor' s licensed <br /> surveyor. <br /> • The ENGINEER will assist the COUNTY in conducting two, walk through <br /> inspections . One inspection as a final inspection and a second inspection as a follow <br /> up to clear punch list items . <br /> • When requested by the COUNTY, the ENGINEER will review Contractor proposed <br /> Page 2 of 5 <br />