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�? -17 d? <br /> r LZ� <br /> AMENDMENT 2 �.OJ7- LL <br /> FINAL DESIGN AND PLANS PREPARATION FOR <br /> CR 510 from CR 512 to east of 75`° Court <br /> This is an amendment to the existing Final Design and Plans Preparation services agreement <br /> (AGREEMENT), dated November 17, 2005 , by and between INDIAN RIVER COUNTY , hereinafter <br /> referred to as the COUNTY , and STANLEY CONSULTANTS, INC., hereinafter referred to as the <br /> ENGINEER . This amendment addresses changes in "Section I — Project limits and Description , Section III — <br /> Scope of Services, Section IV — Time for Completion, and Section V - Compensation " of the AGREEMENT. <br /> Amendment Description <br /> SECTION I - PROJECT LIMITS AND DESCRIPTION is being modified to incorporate the following <br /> engineering services which are required: <br /> a) Locate existing subsurface utilities at potential conflict points between proposed features (storm sewer <br /> pipe/inlets and signal mast arms) with existing potable water and sanitary sewer force main. Locates <br /> for other utilities including Bell South, FPL and Comcast are not included in this amendment. <br /> b) Design the relocation of Lateral D Canal required to accommodate the new CR510 box culvert at 89" <br /> Street and to accommodate the new bridge structure over Lateral D Canal (Note: Said new bridge <br /> structure design and associated bank and shore design shall be designed by others and not included in <br /> this amendment). The limits of Lateral D Canal realignment will begin near Baseline Construction <br /> Station 60+00 and extend south for 1400 lineal feet. <br /> c) Permitting effort required for the relocation of Lateral D Canal . Starting near Baseline Construction <br /> Station 60+00 and extending south for 1400 lineal feet. <br /> d) Survey and provide sketch and description for property take due to proposed Lateral D Canal <br /> realignment. Assist Geotechnical Engineer with Baseline Survey location . <br /> e) Geotechnical investigation along realignment of Lateral D Canal and provide slope stability analysis <br /> and recommendations for proposed slope stability measures along Lateral D Canal for length of <br /> realignment, approximately 1400 lineal feet. <br /> f) Prepare a Bridge Report for CR 510 over the Slough, Sta. 175 +40, to determine three structure <br /> alternatives which will accommodate wildlife. <br /> g) Design the bridge structure at CR 510 over Slough rather than original box culvert. <br /> SECTION II — not applicable <br /> CR 510 Amendment 2 Page l of 6 6/25/2007 <br />