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Name of Person <br />Theodore C. Costos <br />N Hill Davis <br />Clarence P. Finke <br />Pearl Frost <br />John Gilchrist <br />j Fred Hepler <br />Boyce R. Hollar <br />Harry L. Ibach <br />Fred C. Jackson <br />Gordon Richard Jones <br />Dorothy H. Kelly <br />Fanny May Lee <br />Jeannette E. Marsh <br />Claude G. Miller <br />Mrs. Mildred P. Moren <br />Joseph Nowak <br />Mont Francis O'Neill <br />Paul E. Phillips, Jr. <br />May Renf roe <br />Jack Riddle <br />Richard H. Sherman <br />Clarence G. Smith <br />Elsie Sonnabend <br />N. M. Steen <br />Robert G. Strampp <br />Robert A. Taylor <br />Harry J. Weigand <br />Harry Wilkinson <br />Margaret Wilkinson <br />E. S. Wold and M.O. Borgen <br />DEscription <br />Lots 6 & 7, Rockridge S/D #1 <br />Lot 4, Blk 3, School Park Extension <br />Lot 7, Blk 1, Osceola Park Homesites <br />Lots 6, 72 81 Blk 6, Royal Court S/D <br />Lot 32 and Nk of Lot 31, Blk 1, Rivenbark S/D <br />Sec. 12, Tps 33 S. Rge 39E, Commence at NE cor of SEk etc. <br />Lot 3, Block 8, Bethel by the Sea Unit #2 <br />W 88.05 ft. of Lot 1, McCurdy's S/D <br />Lot 8, Blk 11, Tropicolony, Inc. #3 <br />40 ft of Lot 26, & 20 ft of Lot 25, Blk 20 Highland Park S/D <br />Lots 16 and 1T, Blk 2, less the N 60 ft, Walter Kitching S/D <br />Sec. 17, Twp 31, Rge 39 as described in D Bk 109, pp 520. <br />Lots 4, 59 69 Blk 121, Town of Fellsmere <br />Lot 8, Westwood Terrace S/D <br />Lot 16, Blk 120, Town of Fellsmere <br />Lot 11, Blk 2, Jacoby Heights S/D <br />W 70 ft of the following described property: Com at a pt on t <br />W bndry line of R/W of old D/H as recorded in O.R.Book 3, pp <br />297, I R C records in Sec. 12, Twp 33, Rge 39 <br />That part lying E of the Old D/H of the N 98.96 ft. of Lot 6, <br />and S 151.04 ft. of Lot 5, J.A. Hudson�-V/D <br />Tracts 1140, 1152, 1153, Twp 31, Rge 37, Fellsmere <br />Lot 4, Blk 12, Jacoby's Addition <br />Lots 48, 49, 50, Blk 11, Vero Beach Estates <br />Lot 12 and N 'k of Lot 11, Blk 9, Tropicolony Inc. No. 2 <br />Lots 6 & 7, Blk 8, Edgewood Add. to Vero Beach <br />Lot 5, Blk 1, Osceola Park Homesites S/D <br />S 16.5 A of Lots 8 & 9, Sec. 36, Twp 31, Rge. 39. <br />Lot 7, Blk 5, Belmont Park Unit #2, Replat <br />Lot F, Blk 3, McAnsh Park S/D. <br />Lot 12 & S'k of Lot 14, Blk 2, Jacoby Heights S/D <br />Lot 10, Blk 16, Bethel by the Sea S/D <br />Sec. 12, Twp. 33S, Rge 39E, Desc. as in DB 110, pp 216 <br />.and, <br />WHEREAS, THIS Board sitting as a Board of Equalization has reviewed each of said <br />applications and the disapproval thereof, and the evidence presented the Tax Assessor upon <br />which each applicant based his claim for exemption, and the Board having heard all applicants <br />appearing in person or by agent, and all of the same having been dulyconsidered and reviewed <br />by this Board, now therefore; <br />BE IT RESOLVED, that the decision of the Tax Assessor with respect to his denial of <br />the applications for tax exemption of each and all of the applicants as set forth above is <br />herewith affirmed and the exemption denied excepting only the following, and that in each of <br />• the following applications and the disapproval thereof by said tax assessor is herewith re- <br />i� <br />versed and said application for tax exemption is herewith granted to each applicant as follows:0 <br />i <br />1. Application of Tom Benson homestead exemption is allowed on Lot 8, Blk 8, Belmont <br />Park Unit #2. <br />2. Leroy Fromang, homestead exemption is allowed on the S 5 A of Nk of E 20 A of Tract <br />16, Sec. 1, Twp 33 S. Rge 38 E. <br />3. Roy H. Lundgren, homestead exemption is allowed on Lot 6, except N 20 ft and all of <br />Lots 7 & 80 Blk 2 of Unit #1 Van Bergen and Hendry's Add to Roseland, etc. <br />4. Lafe Pettry, homestead exemption is allowed on Lots 4 & 5, Blk 1, College Hghts. S/D <br />5. Edward H. Pratt, homestead exemption is allowed on Lot 6 and Sk.of Lot 5, Blk 2, <br />Kennedy Terrace. <br />6. Harry J. Shortel, homestead exemption is allowed on Lot 53, Dixie Gardens S/D <br />7. William A. Taylor, homestead exemption is allowed on Part of Tract 16, Sec. 3, Twp <br />33 S, Rge 39 E as recorded in Deed Book 106, page 356, Indian River County Records. <br />8. George H. Gabler, homestead exemption is allowed on a portion of Tract D. Royal Park <br />S/D as recorded in Deed Book 110, page 277, Indian River.County Records. <br />