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VERO BEACH PRESS -JOURNAL <br />Published Weekly <br />Vero Beach, Indian River County, Florida <br />STATE OF FLORIDA <br />COUNTY OF INDIAN RIVER: <br />Before the undersigned authority personally appeared J. J. Schumann, who <br />on oath says that he is Business Manager of the Vero Beach Press -Journal, a weekly <br />newspaper published at Vero Beach in Indian River County, Florida; that the attached <br />copy of advertisement, being a — -.— ----_----------- -- .---.------..__ <br />in the matter of <br />__ ------ ---------- in the -...__ .. ____. Court, was pub- <br />lished insaidnewspaper in the issues of _------------- <br />------------ — <br />__-- _-------- ---- — <br />Affiant further says that the said Vero Beach Press -Journal is a newspaper published at <br />Vero Beach, in said Indian River County, Florida, and that the said newspaper has heretofore <br />been t ously published in said I din R County, Florida, weekly and has been entered <br />as d class mail matter t the <br />h post office <br />m VeroBeach in said Indian River County; Florida, <br />far period of ane year next prorceding the first publication of the attached copy of advertisement <br />Nd affiant further says that he has neither paid nor promised any person, firm or corporation <br />y discount, rebate, commission or refund for the purpose of securing this. advertisement for <br />publication in the said newspaper. <br />Sworn to and subscribed before me <br />day of ..__. -. <br />A. D ..... L. <br />" ch., k E th C cult Co <br />Of FICIAL RECORD <br />25 w 53 <br />N O T I C E <br />NOTICE IS HEREBY. GIV.EN:'I'. <br />that General Develop-",Conp <br />. <br />Florida c p t' h S f l d a' <br />Petition wth the Boa d of C ty i <br />Commissioners of Induan Ri <br />County, Florida, requesting saIdO <br />Board to adapt a resolution closk4 <br />Ing, eating and abolishing allfl <br />that part ofptiblie road and I <br />railroad crossing from State Road I <br />605: to State Road s near and �.. <br />apPr_imately Paralleling t 11 a i. <br />South line <br />in of Ind; - ver County <br />Florida, and requesting. said Boartl <br />to 'cro'ne, and msenum any fit <br />right of said County for the public <br />in. and to said public road and <br />railroad c ssing above delineated" <br />an a plat asa 6t, -t, road or high-'' <br />wayorailroad ossing. Said Il <br />Board hold a plibiv, hoaxing <br />ltheqn at 9:00 .',look <br />k A M n <br />INovember 11 1957, 'n theffi of <br />said .Boa d of County Li m n <br />in the Indian R Caunt, <br />iC -thou V Dirac rtoi tda. <br />f Person'. tsted y appear <br />and Ire }eeard at that tbme. <br />BOARD OF COUNTY COM -1k <br />MISSIONERS OF HJDIAN if <br />RIVER COUNTY. FLORIDA i <br />By'. T J, P. Hamilton, <br />Chair <br />October 3, 1957. <br />