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0 <br />`?39 <br />EN <br />AW, <br />VERO BEACH PRESS-JOURNALURNAL <br />N°z„g ;:;,•.^°...` <br />NbTICE ];4 <br />Published Weekly <br />that the I <br />inners of fn <br />Florida, will reti2ive Bea - efda { <br />Indian River County, Florida <br />i to the hour of 9:00 o'clock A. M. <br />Vero Beach, <br />n Tuesday. December, 3, 1957, sad <br />at said time publicly open the I'll ine <br />at a meeting of Bald Board to be <br />COUNTY OF INDIAN RIVER: <br />held in the County Commissioners <br />STATE OF FLORIDA <br />room, Indlah River County Court- <br />ourtBefore <br />Beforethe undersigned authority personally appeared J. J. Schumann, who <br />house, Vero Beath. Florida, for <br />the sale to said County of the f0l-i. <br />on oath says that he is Business Manager of the Vero Beach Press -Journal, a weekly <br />lowing described personal prop• <br />newspaper published at Vero Beach in Indian River County, Florida; that Pe attached <br />city: <br />1. One Ta Icra truck SOY pgillRg <br />25 ton low bed r <br />copy of advertisement, being a i_ 2 5--- - - - - ------- <br />equipment, powerlect -� <br />steeringanel” <br />-- <br />tric windshield wipers, fifth wheel, <br />156 in On wheel bsse, heavy duty' <br />---__-.- in the matter Of _... _—-- -"---- — — <br />-—— - <br />springs, minimum 9.00 tires with <br />tubes,t ast spoke wheels, 5 <br />__—________. <br />" <br />speed transmisshm, paint dark <br />Hreen, full air brak¢8, engine V-8- <br />with minimum 200 If, P. C. 4,000 <br />m the _ .:... ___._..—._..._____..._ Court, was Pub- <br />RPM with 4 barrel carburation, <br />gross vehicle weight 36,000 lbs., <br />.,I.F:. <br />side mirrors on both aides of <br />truck, direction signaIs, full view <br />lished in said newspaper in the issues of _.--- —._.._..--- ----- _-_.-_-------------- ----- ---- <br />rear window hr car, minimum <br />capacity 9,000 lbs, front sale, <br />1 �• S <br />midmum capacity 2%00016 iraY <br />""-------+—�'----Y- <br />'. As an alt,lu t to item':' <br />etnant further says that the said Vam Beach Pre$ •Journal Is a newspaper published at <br />include jumper, hoses and cabf ' <br />- <br />Vero In said Indian River County, Florida, and that the said newspaper has beretofbre <br />been vdueiy Wh r� 1. saki Indian River County, Florida, weekly and has been entered <br />for trailer unit, <br />matter at the post ofntt in Vero Beach, to said Indian River County, Flerlda, <br />3. As a [umber alterrwta to <br />as sewn class man <br />for a of one year next preceedtng the first publication of the attached copy of a8vettleemmt' <br />ilei 1, submit a bid for larger <br />period <br />and affiant further says that be has neither paid nor promised any person, firm or corporation <br />this advertisement for <br />eguipmen! with det9iud spetiti- <br />any disecont, rebate, commission or refund for the purpose of eecuring <br />cations. <br />publication in the said newspaper. <br />4. As a further alternate to <br />f 5�-- <br />item 1, submit a bid for item 1 <br />S0 ton hoist. <br />Sw can to and subscribed before me this---�,..'�=-- - of — — A. D. <br />equipped with a <br />level <br />5. One 25 ton capacity <br />deck rear loading law bed sami- <br />trailer, tandem sAea with mini - <br />lSusiaee8 Mivater) <br />0GLAS <br />of 9-9.00 tires, In- <br />to <br />BAKER <br />mum deck length 15 feet, 3 <br />un7----------o---- - <br />K Giirc _" <br />sloped ear deck extension, <br />eek to allow far tandem <br />(Clerk at me Circuit Court, Indian River County. Florida) <br />e it coo <br />✓ y <br />(aFAr) _/ <br />axle h minimum ng, e 8 <br />axle tritwith <br />feet with hardurood decking, eleC•1 <br />lights, retttctars <br />[�Y" <br />�� <br />fife clearance <br />%lid turning signals per ICC <br />Unit to iK built <br />pecifications, <br />for attachment to a tandem axle <br />truck with 9.00 X 20 ar 10.00 X <br />22.5 tires. <br />6. As an alternate to item: <br />- <br />Pursuant to Vthe foregoing Notice requesting bids, <br />- bid on one 25 ton drop bed it <br />sail maXimnm drop 6 inches , y the <br />- <br />otherwise meeting specifications <br />'- for item 5. <br />attorney and the Board then received and publicly opened bids a 7. an a nate item 5. <br />a <br />inemdt a bed for side bracket <br />de d <br />to increase trailer bed width to <br />lt, <br />Item #1 <br />0 feet ror each of the above <br />trailers. <br />Arnold Ford Sales Bid price <br />Bidders ebmild specify any ad - <br />Roland Miller Chevrolet Bid price <br />O,aa°°'pito` re to 'act in <br />i rdCY to to- <br />Freemaa.& Sons (Includes Items 1, 2 & 3) <br />eluding Costa <br />'ding <br />nether with <br />'"tk and trailer de - <br />Sperry Auto Sales Bid price <br />sicked above. specify comp any <br />mak` and model of each item bis. <br />Claude Nolan Inc. Bid price <br />Each bid for each item ahoold <br />specify the net cash price payable <br />by the County delivered at Vero <br />Beach and in addition abould <br />J <br />Item 7i 2 <br />specify the total price th be paid) <br />Arnold Ford Sales Bid rice <br />p <br />by the County on a lease purchase <br />whereby the first <br />Roland Miller Chevrolet Bid price <br />arrangement <br />Ytar'a rent for the truck would be <br />1.$4,50000 and $2,500.00 for. Inc trail <br />both payable in advance, with <br />,i <br />the balance of the rent to be due <br />Item 71k3 <br />and payable on T ary 15, 1959, <br />Arnold Ford Sales Bid price <br />with to pro ho that when the, <br />total rent is paid, the equipment <br />occonirthe property of thee. <br />Jfy. <br />Item #4 <br />county. The County will furnish <br />Arnold Ford Sales Bid price <br />all taxmpti,, certificates t6'.. <br />which it is eentitled and it raservea <br />Roland Miller Chevrolet Bid rice <br />p <br />the r,gbt t° re' t any and o- <br />bids If tuctner info[- anon do - <br />Freeman & Sons Bid price <br />=rev ri pective bidders may <br />contact the County Engineer. An <br />bids should be In an en chapa,: , <br />rJ p - <br />ace ly sealed, and marked oil <br />n <br />Item 7�J <br />theoutside, "Bid far Truck o <br />The Fontaine Company Bid price <br />Traiie1" <br />Arnold Ford Sales Bid price <br />this 9th day of November, 1957. <br />S.of coDgc codmts <br />Roland Miller Chevrolet Bid <br />SIDNERS of INDIAN RIVERf <br />price <br />COUNTY, FLORIDA <br />Square Deal Machinery Bid price <br />By. P. wfamiltra, <br />Freeman &Son$ Bid price <br />CT hairmanT. <br />NOJ 34, 21, 1957. <br />Sperry Auto Sales Bid price <br />A m 1:_1l S <br />S S7? 6..4 <br />