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4-6 <br />and power line over the following County roads-2- <br />B <br />oadsB eginning at the North city limits of the City of Sebastian .and the Old Dixie <br />highway, thence run Northerly along the old Dixie Highway tomdaincluding its intersect <br />with the new county road leading into Roseland, thence along said new County road, <br />in a westerly direction,, known as the Roseland road, to Gibson street; also over the <br />following Streets and -.Avenues in the Town. of Roseland, Florida: Gibson Street; Bard. <br />Street, Josie 'Street, Dale street, louis Street, Berry Avenue and :Sebastian Avenue; <br />also the o ld County ro ad t o Ro s eland. <br />It was ordered, on motion of Commissioner Geo.A.Braddock., seconded by Com'r. <br />J.U.IaBruce, that the authority for such be granted, upon the same conditions, terms, <br />and agreement as entered into by this Board with the Florida Dight, & Power Company, <br />which is of record at page 51 of the minutes of this Board. <br />The several bills .and accounts against the County, having been audited, were <br />examined and approved, and warrants ordered issued in s et Clement of same. The said <br />severalx bills and accounts being on file in the Clerk's office and made a part of then <br />minutes. <br />The County Depositories filed their monthly statement of accounts showing receipts <br />and disbursements for the month of December, which, having been audited were found to <br />be correct. <br />It. was ordered,. on motion, made, seconded and carried that the Board adjourn over <br />until the regular meeting in February for the purpose of selecting a list of jurors froi <br />the registration books, for the year 1928, and to attend to such other business as may <br />properly come before this Body. <br />The Board then adj oum ed until the regular meeting in February 1928. <br />a <br />ATMT: <br />C 1 e r k. <br />rman. <br />on <br />