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Range 35 East, thence North to the Point of beginning. The same comprising election <br />District No. 4 (Quay) --now Winter Beach. <br />and the territory of said County heretofore created as the S_Wh, Justice <br />District, and described as follows: <br />Beginning on the South-west corner of Section 189 Tomnsbip 33 South, Range <br />36 East; thence run East to the Atlantic Ocean; thence South to the South line of <br />Township 33Soith, Range 40. East; thence pest along thenTownship 'line to the South- <br />west comer of Township 33 South, Range 36 East; thence North to the point of beginn- <br />ing. The same comprising Election District No. 7 (Oslo), be and the same are hereby <br />attached to the territory of aryl made a part of the FIFTH Justice District- of said <br />County, and that said territory formerly comprising the Fourth and Sixth Justice <br />Districts be .and the same shall henceforth be a part of the FIFTH Justice District, <br />,;of said County. <br />Be it further resolved that this resolution and order be recorded iii the minutes <br />of the proceedings of this Board and that a copy of the same shall be pod at the <br />Court House door of said County. <br />It was ordered that the road be graded from lateral '"A" to Kings Highway, in the <br />Indian River Farms Drainage Districts as soon as the County Engineer can get to this. <br />Work . <br />The Bond of J.W.Knight, as 'Sheriff of Indian River County for a term of four <br />years from November 2, 1926 with Columbia Casualty Coop a corporation, as surety was <br />presented to the Board for its approvals whereupon Commis si oner Hamilton offered the <br />following resolution: <br />BE FT RESOLVED that the Bond of J.7.Knight. as Sheriff of Indian River County, <br />for a term of four years from Nov. 2, 1926, be and the same is acceptable to the Board <br />as to form and sufficiency of sureties, but the Board declines to approve said Bond <br />solely on the ground that said Sheriff was elected on November 2, 19269 for a term of <br />two years and the Board believes it is without authority to approve said bond and <br />declines to do so upon the ground that it has no legal power to do so. Such resolu- <br />tion was seconded by Commissioner Geo-A.Braddock, and unanimously adopted. <br />The Board announced in open session they are now in a position to consider sites <br />for a, Court House and Jail and requested all who have any site to offer to do so at <br />the February meeting of the Board. <br />It was ordered that the following named persons be named to the respective posi- <br />tions, for the year. 1928: <br />James To Voc elle, County Attorney <br />D. L. Leisher, County Engineer, <br />William Frick, Traffic Officer, <br />the salaries of such employees of the County to remain the same as the year 1927. <br />It was ordered that the matter of entering into an agreement with the Fort Pierce <br />Bank and Trust Compary, as to the deposit of $1140.68 in Special R&B Dist No. 4 Bond <br />Fund, be not executed, in as much as the County has security for such deposit. <br />It was ordered that the matter of selecting a list* of jurors from the registration <br />books of the County for the year 1928, be ..carried over until the February meeting of <br />this Board, and ordered that when this Board adjourn at the January meeting it do so, <br />with the provision that the January meeting is adjourned until the February meeting for <br />the purpose of so selecting the jury list for 1928. <br />The City of Sebastian, a municipal corporation, by and through its City Clerk <br />requested authority and permission to construct, operate and',maintain a: electric light <br />1 <br />