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FHI IT 1 <br /> ATTACHMENT 1 <br /> INDIAN RIVER COUNTY UTIIdTIES DEPARTMENT <br /> OPERATIONS CENTER COMPLEX <br /> SCOPE OF SERVICES <br /> Change Order No. 1 modifies the scope of work in Brown and Caldweli ' s Work Order No . 1 for <br /> permitting and design of the Utilities Department' s Operations Center Complex to include certain <br /> additional work activities associated with the development of approximately 4 .4 acres of additional <br /> land on the Utilities Department' s property at the intersection of 41s' Street NW and 43 ' d Avenue <br /> NW. The 4.4-acre site will be used for the construction of new facilities that will house the Indian <br /> River County Elections Office and Animal Control Department. <br /> Change Order No . 1 is being implemented at this time so that preliminary site work associated with <br /> the 4 .4-acre site can be integrated with similar work for the Operations Center Complex site to <br /> achieve an overall cost savings to Indian River County on both projects. The additional work to be <br /> performed on the 4 .4-acre site is generally related to site characterization, stormwater design and <br /> permitting, and preliminary site planning. These activities will be performed concurrently with <br /> similar work being performed for the Operations Center complex . <br /> A brief description of the Scope of Services for Change Order No . 1 , broken down into the eight <br /> tasks previously identified in the original Work Order No . 1 , is provided below. <br /> TASK 1 — PROJECT MANAGEMENT <br /> Change Order No. 1 does not require any additional work under Task 1 . <br /> TASK 2 — SITE INVESTIGATIONS <br /> Additional work activities to be completed under Task 2 include the following: <br /> 1 . Wetland Delineation/T&E Species Survey — Include the 4 . 4-acre site in this work activity. <br /> Locate and flag regulatory wetlands, inspect for and address any threatened and/or <br /> endangered species issues/habitat. Delineate wetlands on a county aerial and include in <br /> environmental report. <br /> 2 . Geotechnical Exploration — Perform geotechnical explorations on the 4 . 4-acre site based <br /> upon the footprint provided by Indian River County. Provide stake out of proposed boring <br /> locations. Perform six 20400t SPT borings under the conceptual building area, six 6400t <br /> auger borings under proposed pavements, and two 10400t auger borings and associated <br /> sieve analyses in the stormwater management areas . Provide the field data and a technical <br /> Change Order No. I Attachment I .doc Page I of 3 <br />