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ORIGINAL <br /> aaY ` Id � <br /> ATTACHMENT A <br /> ENGINEERING SERVICES WORK AUTHORIZATION <br /> DATE : WORK AUTHORIZATION NO . 2 _ FOR CONSULTING SERVICES <br /> COUNTY NO. CAMP DRESSER & McKEE INC. (CDM) CDM PROJECT NO. <br /> (consultant) <br /> I. Project Description <br /> CDM will provide engineering services to assist County staff with formulation and <br /> preparation of an Emergency Response Plan for the County' s water system. <br /> II. Scope of Services <br /> Engineering services include assistance to County staff to develop detailed Emergency <br /> Response Plans to meet USEPA requirements . See Attachment B for a detailed scope of <br /> services . <br /> III. Consulting Engineer Insurance Requirements <br /> A . Workers Compensation as required by the State of Florida . Employer' s Liability of <br /> $100,000 each accident, $500, 000 disease policy limit, and $100,000 disease each <br /> employee . <br /> B . General Liability : commercial general liability coverage, including contractual <br /> liability and independent contractor, with a minm imucombined single limit of <br /> $100,000 per occurrence and personal injury coverage of $50,000 . <br /> C . Business Automobile Liability : owned, hired, and non-owned vehicles at a <br /> minimum combined single limit of $100,000 per occurrence and personal injury <br /> coverage of $50,000 for bodily injury and property damage for owned and non- <br /> owned vehicles . <br /> D . Professional Liability Insurance : providing coverage for negligent acts, errors, or <br /> omissions committed by Consultant with a limit of $1 ,000,000 per claim/ annual <br /> aggregate . This insurance shall extend coverage to loss of interest, earning, profit, <br /> use, and business interruption, cost of replacement power, and other special, <br /> indirect, and consequential damages . <br /> IV. Compensation for Services <br /> Emergency Response Plan Assistance $25,400 Upper Limit <br /> Compensation is to be paid on a billing rate basis plus other direct costs on an as-needed <br /> basis . CDM will submit monthly invoices for services performed . <br /> A-1 mh1574. doc <br />