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Billing Rate Basis with Upper Limit <br /> For the Basic Services performed on a billing rate basis with an upper limit, Indian <br /> River County agrees to pay CDM as follows : <br /> For engineering services performed by CDM, the payment will be in accordance <br /> with the established billing rates identified in the Continuing Contract Agreement <br /> for Professional Services . <br /> Actual out-of-pocket expense costs are all costs other than labor costs that are <br /> incurred during the progress of the work. The actual out-of-pocket expense costs <br /> include : air fare, automobile rental if required, mileage charges, parking, tolls, taxi, <br /> meals and lodging, all in accordance with reimbursement rates set forth in Section <br /> 112 . 061 Florida Statutes (1999), as amended, and telephone, printing and <br /> reproduction costs, and other miscellaneous costs incurred specifically for this <br /> project. The maximum cost for blueprint sheets is $1 . 10. The maximum cost for <br /> mylar sheet is $11 . 00 and a sepia sheet is $5 . 00. The charges for in-house computer <br /> program and word processor usage will be at CDM' s regular rates . For outside <br /> computer services, charges will be made at invoiced cost to CDM . <br /> For the basic services performed on a billing rate basis with an upper limit, IRC <br /> agrees to provide a written request before work is started by CDM. <br /> SUBMITTED BY: APPROVED BY: <br /> CAMP DRESSER & McKEE INC . INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br /> (Consultant) BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> By By . ii l/ <br /> ex H. Makled, P. E . , DEE Caroline D . Ginn <br /> Vice President Chairman <br /> Date : Date : May 4 . 2004 <br /> BCC Approved <br /> Jeffery K. Barton APPROVED Aa ,TQ FORM <br /> Clerk of the Court AND AL SU ICI Y <br /> By <br /> Deputy Clerk ALL <br /> SSISTANT COUN ATTORNEY <br /> APPROVEDo ( , , <br /> UZ <br /> C my Ad inistrator <br /> A-2 mh1574. doc <br /> Y <br />