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TUESDAY, JANUARY 20, 1959 <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, met at the Courthouse, <br />Vero Beach, Florida in a regular meeting held at 9:00 o'clock A. M. Tuesday, January 20, 1959. <br />All members were pres ent. Also present were Ed Schmucker, County Engineer, Sherman N. Smith,' <br />Jr., Attorney, and Katherine Morrison, Deputy Clerk." <br />P. <br />The Chairman sta ted they would dispense with the reading of the minutes until the <br />next regular meeting. <br />�d <br />Mr. Alvin K. Forney and Mr. Dewey Reams of the Indian River Planning and Zoning N <br />Board were present as there seems to be a matter of interpretation and policy with respect to <br />Section 4 of the Zoning Regulations and more particularly Sec. 4. Sub -paragraph G. which reads d. <br />"G. Minimum Floor Area Required: The Minimum required floor area of any dwelling, exclusive <br />of open patios, terraces attached ga rages, carporte or unroofed area shall be 750 feet. Fif- <br />teen per cent of the required floor area may be credited to screened porches." The question <br />lid <br />was brought up as to whether or not any of the 15% may be credited to storage areas and whether'i <br />a <br />or not they must have a direct entrance intonthe main living area. Several representatives of I <br />the Mackle Company presented their views in the matter. Several representatives of Bart <br />Collard"Jand Company presented their views in the matter. After considerable discussion in the <br />matter and upon Motion made by Commissioner Gifford, seconded by Commissioner Macdonald and <br />unanimously carried, the following Resolution was adopted: <br />That the County Commissioners establish as a matter of interpretation and policy <br />with respect to Section 4 of the Zoning Regulations that sub -paragraph G thereof, shall be <br />interpreted to read as follows: Minimum Floor Area Required: The minimum required floor area p <br />of any dwelling, exclusive of open patios, terraces, garages, carportes or non -living area, <br />shall be 750 square feet, and not more than 15% of the required floor area may be credited to <br />attached screened porches and/or storage areas, and these shall be a part of the main dwelling.,, <br />It was further carried that this interpretation would not apply to those dwellings <br />now under construction or for which permits had already been issued. <br />Mr. George A. Hand, caretaker for Mr. George A. Fry, appeared before the Board and <br />requested permission to carry a pistol while working as a caretaker. The Board asked the Clerk to <br />III <br />check with the Sheriff and if it met with his approval they would issue Mr. Hand a permit. <br />Dr. Wade N. Stephens, Director of the Bureau of Local Health Service of the Florida <br />State Board of Health, met with the Board and a further discussion was held as to whether or i <br />not Indian River County would join with Osceola County as a member of a two county Unit. Dr. <br />Stephens pointed out that Indian River County would have 3/5 of the Health Officer's time and <br />3/5's of the time of the Supervising Sanitarian. He further pointed out that we have enough <br />in our reserve with the State Board of Health that it would require no additional funds in <br />this year's budget but would require approximately 5 to 6 Thousand Dollars additional in our'j! <br />1959-60 budget. He further stated that Dr. Miller would remain as Health Officer for St. Luciell <br />Martin and Okeechobee, and that therefore, we would be without a resident Health Officer until q <br />around the first of July (unless someone could be found in the meantime), but that he or his -II <br />0 <br />1 <br />0 <br />1 <br />1 <br />is <br />