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R N <br />Vi1 <br />amount of $82,590.41, and asking the wishes of the Board in regard to awarding the contract. <br />Upon Motion made by Commissioner McCullers, seconded by Commissioner Hamilton and unanimously <br />carried, the Board concurs with the low bid by Swords Bros. McDougal Co. and asked the Clerk <br />to so advise the State Road Department. <br />Mr. Schmucker reported he had a letter from the Florida East Coast Railway Company <br />advising the Board that the County would have to put closing gates and lights up if we opened <br />a crossing at 11th Street North of Sebastian. The Board said in that case we would have to <br />do without the crossing. <br />Mr. Art Karst requested that the Lateral B Road name be changed to King's Highway. <br />The Board upon Motion made by Commissioner Hamilton, seconded by Mr. McCullers and unanimously <br />carried, agreed that all that part of the Public Road formerly known as Lateral B, extending <br />from State Road 60 South to the South County line be nemed, known and designated as King's <br />Highway. <br />There being no further business, upon motion made seconded and carried, the Board <br />then adjourned. <br />1"I"GI tOMIN,1 <br />TUESDAY, MARCH 3, 1959 <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, met at the Courthouse, <br />Vero Beach, Florida in a regular meeting held at 9:00 o'clock A. M., Tuesday, March 3, 1959. <br />Present were Robert W. Graves, Chairman; D. B. McCullers, Jr., J. J. P. Hamilton and Donald <br />Macdonald. Mr. H. H. Gifforls chair was empty due to his death on February 26th and no one <br />as yet has been appointed to fill his place. Also present were Ed Schmucker, County Engineer,] <br />Sherman N. Smith, Jr., Attorney and Katherine Morrison, Deputy Clerk. <br />Upon Motion made by Commissioner Hamilton, seconded by Commissioner McCullers and <br />carried, the minutes of regular meeting of February 3rd and regular meeting of February 17th <br />were approved. <br />A letter was received and read from Mr. W. J. Roschach, Pres. of Tropicolony, Inc. <br />with regard to a zoning change.on State Road 60 (North side only) between Range Line Road and <br />Ranch Road. The Board requested Sherman N. Smith to dictate a letter to the Secretary ans- <br />wering Mr. Roschach's letter. <br />Commissioner Macdonald stated that the appraisal has been made on the Roseland <br />Airport property which the County would like to obtain for a public park and that we will <br />have thirty days from the time we receive the official appraisal from the Federal Government <br />in which to send in our bid. He further stated the Government will accept 50%h of the <br />appraised value from the County for the land. He further sta ted with the application we <br />0 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />• <br />1 <br />1 <br />40 <br />