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INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br /> BEACH PRESERVATION PLAN <br /> WORK ORDER NO. 4 TO THE <br /> PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AGREEMENT <br /> BETWEEN COASTAL TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION, INC . <br /> AND INDIAN RIVER COUNTY , FLORIDA <br /> Pursuant to the Professional Services Agreement (MASTER AGREEMENT) dated <br /> December 13 , 2005 , and amended December 13 , 2008 by and between INDIAN RIVER <br /> COUNTY, a political subdivision of the State of Florida, hereinafter referred to as the COUNTY, <br /> and COASTAL TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION, INC . , with a Florida office in VERO <br /> BEACH, FL . , hereinafter referred to as the CONSULTANT, this WORK ORDER No . 4 is an <br /> extension of and hereby becomes a part of the MASTER AGREEMENT as follows : <br /> SECTION I - PROJECT DESCRIPTION <br /> Services included in this Work Order are only approved to be Task I — Solicitation and <br /> Task lb — Evaluation of Proposals and are specified in the attached Scope of Work included as <br /> Exhibit "A" <br /> SECTION II - COUNTY OBLIGATIONS <br /> The COUNTY agrees to provide the CONSULTANT with the following material , data, <br /> or services as required in connection with the work to be performed under this Work Order : <br /> A. Currently available studies, survey drawings, plans, calculations, and other data pertinent <br /> to the Project . <br /> B . Review and comment on CONSULTANTS work in a timely fashion . <br /> SECTION III SCOPE OF SERVICES <br /> CONSULTANT will provide services as specified in the attached Scope of Work included as <br /> Exhibit " A" <br /> SECTION IV - TIME FOR COMPLETION <br /> After the COUNTY issues a written authorization to proceed , all work shall be completed <br /> on or before March 24, 2010 unless project delays extend the time of completion . <br /> C :\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\JGRAY\LOCAL SETTINGS\TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES\OLKD\COASTAL TECH WO NO 4 <br /> HG�G1VtG1V 1 J 1 / V7. Wl. <br />