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SECTION V COMPENSATION <br /> The COUNTY agrees to pay, and the CONSULTANT agrees to accept fees for Task la — <br /> Solicitation and Task lb — Evaluation of Proposals services rendered according to the attached <br /> Cost Proposal included as Exhibit "B" . <br /> SECTION VI = PARTIAL PAYMENTS <br /> The COUNTY shall make monthly partial payments to the CONSULTANT for all <br /> authorized work pertaining directly to this project performed during the previous calendar month <br /> The CONSULTANT shall submit invoices monthly for services performed and expenses incurred <br /> pursuant to this Agreement during the prior month . <br /> The CONSULTANT shall submit duly certified invoices to the Director of the Public <br /> Works Department . For lump sum line items, the amount submitted shall be the prorated amount <br /> due for all work performed to date under this phase, determined by applying the percentage of the <br /> work completed as certified by the CONSULTANT , to the total due for this phase of the work . <br /> For each invoice, the CONSULTANT shall certify that the total invoice amount is correct . <br /> The amount of the partial payment due the CONSULTANT for the work performed to. <br /> date under these phases shall be an amount calculated in accordance with the previous paragraph, <br /> less ten percent ( 10%) of the invoice amount thus determined, which shall be withheld by the <br /> COUNTY as retainage, and less previous payments . <br /> The ten percent ( 10%) retainage withheld shall be paid in full to the CONSULTANT by <br /> the COUNTY, within forty-five days after the date of final acceptance of the work by the Director <br /> of Public Works . <br /> Billings shall be payable in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Prompt <br /> Payment Act, Florida Statutes section 218 . 70 et. seq. at not less than monthly intervals . No payment <br /> shall be made unless the Public Works Director has received and approved the work products <br /> required under the " Scope of Services" herein . <br /> C :\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\JGRAY\LOCAL SETTINGS\TENIrRARY INTERNET FILES\OLKD\COASTAL TECH WO NO 4 <br /> t-LWAZZIV1EIYT J I % VY. "G <br />