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ARTICLE 2 <br /> GENERAL ADMINISTRATION SCOPE OF SERVICES <br /> A. RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CONSULTANT <br /> The Consultant shall perform all tasks identified in Exhibit "D" which include the following services <br /> for the general administration aspect of the Project : <br /> 1 . Coordinate, monitor, and evaluate the direct costs of the overall program, including but not <br /> limited to the multiple activities outlined in the subsections of the Agreement below . <br /> 2 . Develop , plan, implement, and assess the citizen ' s participation to all community <br /> organizations , including but not limited to providing program information, technical <br /> assistance to citizens , publishing applicable notices , and conducting applicable meetings <br /> and/or hearings , as well as responding to citizen inquiry regarding the Project . <br /> 3 . Dissemination to the public of all programs involving citizens participation to all <br /> Community organizations , including, but not limited to providing the program information, <br /> technical assistance to community groups, and dissemination of materials . <br /> 4 . Establish and maintain general and related files , containing sufficient detail for the <br /> purposes of audit requirements for the administration of the Project . <br /> 5 . Establish procedures relating to the procurement and implementation of contractual <br /> services all pursuant to Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and DCA <br /> requirements and regulations . <br /> 6 . Attend all County committee and Board of County Commissioners meetings at which the <br /> progress of the Project is being discussed or which requires Board of County <br /> Commissioners action and prepare all back up documentation for submittal as part of the <br /> agenda for all applicable committee meeting or Board of County Commissioners meeting. <br /> 3 <br />