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T Establish and maintain sufficient records, internal control procedures, files , bookkeeping <br /> and audit procedures , in order to comply with the record keeping and audit requirements as <br /> outlined in the Project Contract and as required by applicable State and Federal laws and <br /> administrative rules as outlined in the Project-Contract . <br /> 8 . For audit reports required to be filed with DCA, and prepared by a certified public <br /> accountant, Consultant shall coordinate the accountant ' s progress , deliver all records <br /> necessary for completion of the audit to the accountant, and assist the County in filing the <br /> audit with the proper authority once completed. Consultant shall ensure that all audits <br /> meet the requirements of sections 11 . 45 and 216 . 349 , Florida Statutes and Chapter 10 . 550 <br /> and 10 . 600, Rules of the Auditor General , and, to the extent applicable, the Single Audit <br /> Act of 1984 , 31 U . S . C . ss . 7501 . 7507 , OMB Circulars A- 128 or A- 133 , for the purposes of <br /> auditing and monitoring the funds awarded under the Project Contract. <br /> 9 . Monitor the progress of the Project to ensure compliance with all HUD and DCA <br /> regulations and prepare all necessary and all requested responses to inquiries from all <br /> applicable Local, State, and Federal Governmental units . <br /> 10 . Evaluate the various aspects of the Project according to HUD and DCA regulations and <br /> prepare all final reports to said agencies . <br /> 11 . Prepare adequate advertising for all aspects of the Project as necessary to ensure active <br /> citizen participation, including, but not limited to the environmental aspects of the Project, <br /> and place said advertising . <br /> 12 . To be the primary Consultant of the Project and be responsible for accomplishing all things <br /> necessary to ensure that the County complies with the obligations , reporting requirements <br /> 4 <br />