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Mr. Al Forney, Chairman of the Indian River County Planning and <br />honing Commission appeared before the Board and submitted the resignation <br />of Mr. J. S. Holmes, which had been sent to him., as a member of the Planning <br />and Zoning -Commission. Upon Motion made by Commissioner. Macdonald, seconded <br />by Commissidner Hamilton and unanimously carried, the resignation of Mr. <br />J. S. Holmes as a member of the Planning & Zoning Commission was accepted <br />with appreciation for his services. The -Secretary wap further instructed <br />to write Mr. Holmesa letter expressing the Board appreciation for his <br />past service. The Board requested that Commissioner Hamilton appoint some- <br />one to take Mr. Holmes place. <br />The County Attorney presented two bills from Vocelle and Vocelle; <br />one for Attorney's fees representing McGriff on right of way and one for <br />Attorney's fees for representing Martin on right of way. Upon Motion made <br />by Commissioner McCullers, seconded by Commissioner Macdonald and carried, <br />the Board approved' these bills for payment. <br />The County Attorney discussed the Lateral Ditch on South Gifford Road <br />to the River and upon Motion made by Commissioner Hamilton, seconded by <br />Commiss _or_er YcCul.lers and unanimously carried, the following Resolution <br />was adopted: <br />R� S O U T 10 1� <br />TT 0 by the Eloa.rd of County C�oumiss -oner_s of Indian <br />Pi_ver Count- r for i_da as follows, to -wit <br />1 . That in. order to r rovide drainage for tlie ?eav- ly no pulated <br />area of G__�: Ord, and in connect .on w-� th the real_zgnment and construction of <br />]1FiA; State .Coa.d _` ) it is necessary that the ex -i St4_ng dra:inaue d�tctl ;)Long <br />toe Hoath Gifford road be widened, relocated and unproved, and the County <br />agrees that the same be done by some of the affected property owners, <br />:might and !wssell widening and ditching the drainage ditch along the <br />South side of this 'road from the new right of way of State road 5 Last to a <br />nni.nfi t�.,mere thF ditch will cross the road to the north s' and thence <br /> .nG :.ast- to the Ind `_an RIver. <br />2. Tzat the existn- culverts are too small to perm, -'.t prover <br />drainage. The County will _install culverts of proper s_ze ,ri place of <br />the existi6 culverts includinU appropriate culverts to cross t, -ie road., <br />3. That C. heed Knight has conveyed several parcels of right <br />in <br />of way to the County for State Road 5 without cost, and that/consideration <br />for digging the South Gifford Road ditch the County will pay the sum of <br />$600.00 to C. Reed Knight for this right of way to partially reimburse <br />him for digging this ditch. <br />