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• <br />TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 1960 <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian.River County, <br />Florida met at the Courthouse, Vero Beach, Florida in a regular meeting <br />held at 9:00 o'clock A.m. Tuesday, Septemuer 6, 1960. Present were <br />Robert W. Graves, Chairman; D. P. McCullers, Jr.; J. J. P. Hamilton; <br />Donald Macdonald and Dr. B. Q. Waddell. Also present were Sherman N. <br />Smith, Jr., Attorney for the Loard; Ed SclmlucKer, County Lngineer and <br />Kathcrj_ne Horrison, Deputy Clerk. <br />The Chairman asked u there were an r; corrections or additions <br />to ae 1.,lade to the minutes o_L August. 2nd and August l9th. Commissioner <br />Macdonald said in the discussion for garbage franchises he was speaking <br />about ixoward County and not 2.revard County and would like the minutes <br />of August 2nd changed i7: this respect. yr. :\,acdonald then ;lade a i otion <br />that the inutes of August 'end and August 19th c accepted with this change. <br />Coml:'iss:-oner Hamilton seconded the i`_otion and said motion was unanimously <br />carried. <br />JeJE ,•;iters appeared before the Loard and requested this Loard <br />Ives ics ::-:.nal approval o: 7a nolia Estates S/D. i-ic stated that he had <br />go le ::eLore the tonin, Loard and requested a change in zoning for this <br />su-division rro:l F -i, F,`ricuitural District to &-1, Single Family Disirict <br />and that the zoning Loard ;lad Liven their tentative approval for said <br />re-zoru. - ad on the Jasis of [heir tentative da royal he wou.Ld like the <br />Einai a:roval of the plat <br />nolia Estates. Tne County Engineer then <br />read tic. ceconinendation o:_ t,le Zoning Board that this .plat of land be <br />rezoned L]_0: F-1, Agricultural to t;-1, Single F ai,:L1y District. After some <br />Further disc'.lssion in the -atter Coiiumissiouer t acdonald made the io I_loL"i1ng <br />Not on: That the .Board tentatively approves CLe tentative recommendation <br />of the L'lanning Zoning Conr, fission that the South Lai of the West 16.01 <br />Acres of t. -e East 16.01. of Tract 2, Section >, Township 33 South, Lange <br />39 Fast, he cL anged and rezoned from F-1, Agricultural District to it -1, <br />Single ,a ':lv District, and thot the roard fina1l.-' ayproves the flat os <br />Magnol _a _.states irrespectve of the fact that the above portion is now <br />zoned 2-1, Agricultural District Commissioner 1,vaddell seconded the <br />'otion and said Motion was unanimously carried. <br />