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r , ! L4E33 <br /> 2258 Riverside Avenue <br /> Jack onville, Florida 32204 USA <br /> GEOSYNTEC CONSULTANTS Tel . (904) 3 8-8821 Fax (904) 388-8163 <br /> 3 May 2005 <br /> Mr. Tanhum Goldshmid ORIGINAL <br /> Indian River County <br /> Solid Waste Disposal District <br /> 132574 th Avenue Southwest <br /> Vero Beach, Florida 32968 <br /> Subject : Fee Proposal for Monitoring Well Installation, MPIS and Groundwater Plume <br /> Monitoring and Reporting, and Pump and Treat System Operations eporting <br /> South Gifford Road Landfill <br /> Dear Mr. Goldshmid : <br /> GeoSyntec Consultants (GeoSyntec) is pleased to submit this fee propo4 al to Indian <br /> River County (IRC) for professional services associated with : (i) the continuat on of MPIS <br /> groundwater monitoring and reporting ; (ii) supplemental monitoring well insta lations ; (iii) <br /> groundwater chlorinated volatile organic compound (CVOC) plume monitoring and <br /> reporting; and (iv) pump and treat (P&T) system reporting. A total of 16 r ports (four <br /> MPIS reports , four CVOC plume monitoring reports, and eight P&T systemreports) will <br /> be prepared during the performance period associated with this fee proposal . This fee <br /> proposal is based on correspondence regarding the MPIS from the Florida Department of <br /> Environmental Protection (FDEP) , discussions with IRC , the FDEP -approved Remedial <br /> Action Plan (RAP), and a meeting held on 22 October 2003 with the FDEP, GeoSyntec, <br /> and IRC , which discussed the necessity of additional monitoring wells . As requested by <br /> IRC, this fee proposal includes budget to complete four semi -annual monito ' ng events, <br /> groundwater sampling, and reporting for the MPIS well network (including a biennial <br /> report for the fourth semi -annual monitoring event) and four semi- annual monitoring <br /> events , groundwater sampling, and reporting for the plume monitoring well ne work. The <br /> proposed MPIS and plume monitoring well network is presented in Table 1 . The proposal <br /> has been prepared in general accordance with the Professional Services Agreement (PSA) <br /> between GeoSyntec and IRC Solid Waste Disposal District ( SWDD), dated 10 August <br /> 2004 , <br /> XR05010 IRC MPIS-PM Sampling\R050001J-rev <br /> coRECYCLED AND RECYCLABLE <br />