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DRC # 17 <br /> 7. .T <br /> Agreement for Use / � a <br /> Between <br /> Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) C207 <br /> And <br /> Indian River County, Florida (Use of Main Library) <br /> I. Purpose : The purpose of this Agreement for Use (AU) is to establish an agreement between FEMA and <br /> Indian River County Board of County Commissioners for use of the space at the Main Library, 1600 21St <br /> Street in Indian River, FL 32958 at no cost to FEMA or State Agencies for the purpose of providing <br /> Floridians disaster assistance at a FEMA/State of Florida Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) . <br /> H. Duration : This agreement will commence on September 18 , 2004 and shall remain in effect until <br /> February 28 , 2005 or until the agreement is terminated at an earlier date by FEMA. <br /> III. Scope: Use of the Indian River County Main Library <br /> IV . General Provisions : <br /> a . FEMA is responsible for and agrees to repair and/or restore the premises to substantially the same <br /> condition at the time of initial occupancy with reasonable wear and tear accepted. <br /> b . FEMA is granted full access to the areas of operation on a 24/7 basis . <br /> c . FEMA is responsible for providing daily janitorial services and all supplies related to those services <br /> (including but not limited to all paper and soap products in the rest rooms, and all wastebasket liners <br /> in the office areas .) <br /> d. Indian River County/Main Library staff is responsible for supplying FEMA with two (2) copies of all <br /> pertinent keys to designated FEMA space/areas and exterior doors . <br /> e . Indian River County /Main Library staff is responsible for ensuring that all fixtures and electrical <br /> outlets are in good working order. <br /> f. FEMA is responsible for paying all utilities and the cost to install and maintain telecommunication <br /> lines used for FEMA operations . <br /> g. FEMA, State and SBA personnel will use only FEMA-owned equipment in the normal course of <br /> their business (e. g. computers, facsimiles, printers, copiers and telephones . <br /> V . This written Agreement supersedes any prior agreements of the parties and contains the entire agreement <br /> between the parties as to the subject matter of FEMA's use of the space and payment and/or reimbursement <br /> by FEMA for such use . <br /> Agency Approvals : <br /> I <br /> Signed: i. 1 rO Date : —1 <br /> (FEMA Representative) <br /> Signed : OalJl Dater !g jisk <br /> River Co. Ap roved Date <br /> IM <br /> ty A nistrator, Indian River County stration <br /> Legal <br /> ment <br /> ana ment <br />