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SECTION NUMBER DATE EFFECTIVE <br /> or <br /> ADMINISTRATIVE 04i07r09 <br /> 4`, Miscellaneous 908 . 1 <br /> it <br /> ti <br /> � l ,II POLICY SUBJECT PAGE <br /> ItIndian River County Disposal of Indigent <br /> * *� Bodies (Burial and Cremation) 1 of 3 <br /> 4f 0 f' MANUAL <br /> 4.. <br /> POLICY : <br /> It is the policy of Indian River County to adhere to the requirements of Chapter 406 of the <br /> Florida Statutes and provide dignified burial or cremation to Indian River County indigent <br /> residents or unclaimed bodies . Such service shall be through the use of cremation except <br /> where prohibited by law or regulation ; or where a relative has expressed a preference for <br /> burial , Indian River County shall make a reasonable effort to accommodate the request of <br /> the relative as provided within this policy. The coordination of burial and cremation <br /> services shall be handled through the Indian River County Human Services Department . <br /> COMMENT . <br /> 1 . Human Services shall make reasonable efforts to locate any of the decedent ' s relatives <br /> and a diligent search will be made to identify assets of the deceased to pay for <br /> costs <br /> associated with the final disposition of the body. Unless waived by the Human Services <br /> Director or designee, only the bodies of persons who die in Indian River County shall be <br /> considered to be the responsibility of Indian River County. <br /> 2 . Unless otherwise directed by the Medical Examiner ' s Office, all bodies , except for <br /> those unidentified, will be cremated . In the absence of a family member, relative or other <br /> designee of the deceased , the County Administrator or his designee is authorized to sign <br /> the approval for cremation . Should relatives of the deceased oppose cremation , they will <br /> be allowed to pay the funeral home directly for the additional cost incurred for burial . The <br /> County cost will be limited to the payment equivalent for cremation . <br /> 3 . This policy shall limit the amount of financial support that Indian River County will <br /> contribute towards either a burial or cremation . The amount shall not exceed $ 300 . 00 for <br /> cremation or $ 300 . 00 for burial . In either situation, the liability to Indian River County to <br /> underwrite such expenses shall only be afforded to those individuals who were determined <br /> to be indigent with no funds available to cover the cremation or burial costs . Indian River <br /> County Human Services Department will verify eligibility for such County contribution . <br /> 4 . In cases where burial is elected to be the means of disposition of indigent bodies , any <br /> individual or family shall pay the costs of such burial with Indian River County <br /> reimbursing its contribution of $ 300 upon invoice from the participating funeral home . In <br /> addition to the $ 300 contribution , Indian River County shall also provide a burial site at <br /> Winter Beach Cemetery at no costs . <br /> 5 . The Human Services Department will maintain internal operational procedures for <br /> implementation of this administrative policy and for working with funeral homes , the <br />