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7'0 <br />It was thereupon resolved that the Clerk of the Circuit Court be directed to hav <br />the foregoing estimates as made by the Board published in a newspaper in this County <br />by one insertion and that a copy thereof properly certified be forwarded to the <br />Comptroller of the :State of Florida. <br />It vas further, resolved that at a special meeting of this Board to be held on th <br />25th day of July 1928 , the foregoing estimates shall be taken tip and considered and <br />acted upon and at, the same time the tax levy for the year 1928, will be made. <br />It was ordered that Traffic officer William Frick be given a vacation of 30 <br />days with pay. <br />The Board of County Commissioners then adjourned to meet on the 25th day of <br />July, 19284 <br />Chairman. <br />C 1 e r 6T <br />— — w — - — — — — — — — - — — - — — — — — — — - — - — — — — — - -- <br />�—il..�� — <br />AY, JULY •25th 1928. <br />�- <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, at a special meeting o <br />the Board, held in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, at Vero Beach, on <br />25th day of July 1928, there were present the following County Commissioners. John H. <br />Atkin, Chairman; Geo. A. Braddock; J. W. TABruce; J.J.P*Hamilton and O_* 0. Helseth. <br />Also present was Miles Vd'arren, Clerk of the Board. <br />The Chairman announced <br />that this special <br />meeting was <br />held. for the <br />purpose <br />of <br />considering and acting upon <br />and adopting the <br />estimates of <br />the expenses <br />for the <br />fiscal <br />year, commencing October lst 1928 and ending September 30th 1929, which were prepared <br />and entered upon the minutes of the meeting of the Board of County Commissioners, <br />on the 5th day of July 1928, and to fix the rate of taxation for the year 19280 <br />A -copy of the advertisement containing the estimates or budget made by the Board <br />of County Commissioners at a meeting held at the Court House on the 5th day of July 1 <br />with the publisherts affidavit annexed as presented to the Board and ordered spread <br />Capon the minutes and is in words and figures as follows: <br />STATE OF FLORIDA ) ss <br />COUNTY OF INDIAN RIVER <br />'.J.' humann, being duly sworn says that he is manager of the Vero Beech Press. <br />Journal, a sxmi.-weekly newspaper published in the City of Vero Beach, County of Indian <br />Rivor, and State of Florida; that the attached notice was -published in said newspaper <br />once each geek for two consecutive weeks, the dates of publication beings July 10-•17- <br />1928. <br />J.J.Schvmant► ('CAL) <br />Subscribed and sworn to before me this July 17th 1928. <br />ttttttttt Carolyn T Taylo-r, <br />IS E A L' Notary Public, State of Florida <br />ttttttttt My commission expires Feb 6--1929. <br />ro y+'„ 0000000 000000 O0000000 O 00�`Oo00000p00 O O000000000O 1q 10 000 <br />r vN0 �• 000'000.0000000000000000 .O OOOOG 00CCGbaO O 0000000000 O d'<CCOW <�j}l' 010. 10 10 O 000 00 O OO OON 0 0 <br />01 000000 00000 O 1 <br />000000100600000000000 b0 10 00000 OOOQO000 O 00000000010 i0 OOpCO�.' W, ON N C- O 000061 0) 0000"'` "'1 00]00 aM 00 001000M OG <br />CT^�Nd�'.0100000Q000000100100 p000010 C.. 010001000000010N � OOOCOC GOON C] WV'OONL- C+� 00 O M O 0C-ONN O OCOO Nd` v+ NOL_NOri N MONNON eN 1 <br />H i+ ^^+ m -D�10 N, sMCM+ti�010riri NCJri O1DMM MNN 'N 1fl C•100.�NNr-i r-dO C�•"'.M T C -p O4000W00 s C-O<-rIM W�.r NC• Cl Cl O lz OC1HCD W G]010 �-{O C: <CO ri- M 000 rI 10 d' -0 <br />P W am CJ +'C-' S] ri N'r•1 '� M �P '-i M t0 C•i O O N N J' 10 N' 0 f0 m 10 9 N N V M M N rl t- W 'd� IO Ca ri ri s -i r! ' �IO ri rl p yy P i <br />~ �.GN4ri N fCPil- Yd ca PF. 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